The Mean Mom

Just ask my 7 year old, he'll tell you. Don't believe him? Ask my 14 year old, if she still leaves you in doubt, my 17 year old can confirm it too.

April 28, 2006

Stole this one from Cherie...

Take five

5 things in my fridge:
~saled mix
~leftover spaghetti
~orange juice
~3 kinds of mustard

5 things in my closet:
~wrapping paper
~Hubby's clothes
~extra blankets
~Telescope filters

5 things in my car:
~1/2 bottle of water
~kids school papers
~cell phone charger
~shopping bag that had trash in it, but it all fell out

5 things on my desk at work:
~cell phone
~coffee cup
~pictures of the kids
~way too much chocolate
~way too much paperwork

5 things on my desk at home:
~hot wheel car
~blank CDs
~pipe cleaner bracelet
~birthday invitation from my nephews party last Sunday

April 26, 2006

You would think that being a chaperone would be easy...

I only had 4 girls... they are all in the 7th grade. We were only going to the zoo. It was pretty easy... I mean I didn't have to make sure they didn't wander off, I didn't have to make sure they didn't try to get into any of the cages with the animals. I only had to keep them from flirting with the boys in their class.

It was kinda funny to see how I started out as "Miss Karen", and by lunch I was "Mommy" to all the girls in my group. My friends all used to call my mom, "Mom".

I made sure that they all did the paper they were supposed to do for Science class... they are learning about how animals adapt. We of course had to see the otters. But we only saw one... and he/she was waaaaayyyyy over there on top of the little log den thingy. Nikki's friend M wanted to see the bats, so we saw those... cool. K wanted to see the giraffes. Got some pretty good pictures of them. B wanted to see the polar bears so we went there too... one was playing in the pool and the other was just lumbering around. They were kind of "talking" to each other. The one in the pool would swim to the edge, and talk to the one on the rocks, and the one on the rocks would lean way in, and talk to the other one. It was like the one kept saying "Come on, you know you wanna get in and swim" and the other would lean in and say "I don't know... it really looks cold", except that I would guess they like cold water, since they are polar bears... Maybe the water was too warm? Nikki wanted to see the chimps. They had a baby recently, and when we got there, there was a sign that said the baby was not on display, but it was. The mommy had the baby in the corner and was sitting with it on her lap and they were both in a bucket... They were soooo cute! I really like the zoo. I would love to get season passes... I might have to talk to Hubby about that.

Since it's such a beautiful spring day, I took an allergy pill before leaving, and was sneeze free all day... But, on the way home, the pill wore off, and I ended up with a killer sinus headache. I came home and took 3 ibuprofen and laid down for a little... I feel better now, thanks. :)

Oh, and it's not a good thing to be "resting your eyes" on the bus, and get a text message from a "concerned friend"... you know who you are, and have your phone in your lap and on vibrate... I jumped about a foot. LOL!

So, that was my day... now my evening will be filled with shopping... Kay needs a notebook, Nikki needs a bday gift for a friend, Hubby needs more rubber gloves... don't ask. I think I'll hit Wally World for all of the above, and see if they have geraniums in yet. Still need something for my pots on the front steps.

April 25, 2006

Another day... they all seem to run together...

Today is a Tuesday, like yesterday was Monday... nothing exciting going on. Same stuff... always the same...

Kyle has a baseball practice, and he gets to wear his uniform. He'll be so thrilled! It's supposed to rain on Saturday... I know it's too early to really tell, but if it rains, they won't have opening day. Again. On the bright side of that, I would be able to take him if they push it back a week. That's what Ky really wants anyway.

Nikki is gung-ho into planning her birthday party... she's going to be 13. I don't where she thinks we're going to put all the people she wants to invite... Oh, and she talked to StupidX to let him know when it would be, and rats, they won't be able to make it.

Kay has asked StupidX's mother for her savings bonds. The kids get one every year for their b-day. Kay wants to get them, so that as soon as we can, we're going to put them in a CD to get better interest. She said she had to talk it over with her spouse... Kay called last night, to see what the answer was... She said "Oh, we don't think that's going to work. I have to go, bye" and then just hung up. Um, ok first, they are savings bonds! I have one I got when I graduated high school.. I think it's made a whopping $16 in the 20-something years it's been... Second, um... they were a birthday GIFT! what part of GIFT do you not get?! They are hers. I just don't get it... It's not like she's gonna skip town with them... Trust me, she wouldn't get far.

And finally.... I heard from the lawyer. She pretty much said nothing that I wanted to hear. Technically, since I have physical custody of the kids, I am responsible for the insurance deductible. I can ask him to pay what ever his portion of the care of the children is for their braces when they need them. And she can't just re-adjust child support because I want to... I have to have a good reason. I feel that because he is an ass should be reason enough... now to just get the courts to agree. I forgot to ask about changing it so that he can't claim them on his taxes anymore. I need to call her with my income amount from last year, how much it would cost to add them to the insurance would be, and my child care expenses. I also should have reminded her that at the time he was claiming he was poor and they went with a lower rate of support than the guidlines state. I'll have to do that when I call her back.

So, that's my lovely Tuesday in a nutshell... I really wish I could find an allergy medicine that didn't make me loopy... Or ready to fall asleep on my keyboard... Oh well...

April 22, 2006

Rain, rain, go away...

So, woke up in the middle of night to lightning, thunder and POURING rain. I love listening to the rain when I go to sleep. and I'm not sure, but some time I think we lost power... hubby's clock was wrong... mine was right, which is funny, since he's the one with the battery for back up.

So, at the way to early time of 8:20, the phone rings and it's Coach Mike telling me that the Opening day festivities are postponed. Ya think? They are rescheduling for next Saturday. Kyle will be with his dad, but he doesn't want him to take him. He wants me to take him. Ugh... why do I always feel like I'm letting him down when I tell him that I can't take him, but I'll meet him there, and he gives me that look like that isn't good enough?

So, with today free now, I could be cleaning, and starting to put away the winter clothes and getting out the summer stuff... and what am I doing... putting up a post on my blog, and then heading in to crawl in bed with hubby for a little nap... Kay is cleaning her room, Nikki is playing playstation, and Kyle is getting on her nerves. Just your average Saturday.

April 21, 2006

Time for a brain dump... Again...

So, this week has been a really long week. Don't know why, it just has.

Kids were off school on Monday for the last day of Spring Break. Why not just call it Easter break? That's what it is... It's not like it falls on the same week every year. It's at Easter time... It's Easter break, call it what it is.

Tuesday... Kay had a dr appt... She found a lump in her breast. Yeah, she's 16. Fibrous Cysts run in my family. My aunt had both breasts removed because they were so bad. The Dr doesn't think it's anything to be too concerned about. She said to check it again in 2 weeks, and when she goes for her gyn appt in May, mention it to them.

The rest of the week is a blur. Allergies and the meds to combat them caused that. Ugh.. I love spring, hate the pollen.

Tomorrow is opening day for Little League. My little leaguer is all excited... I think we'll be rained out though. I hope not. This year has been different. Since he is in scouts too, he's been doing both on Tuesdays and with the girls in dance on Thurs nights, I don't go to practice... I haven't been to one practice yet. I hear he does really well. He gets hits, he still needs to practice catching, but hubby says he's as good as 50% of the team.

He was funny when he came home last night. He had his uniform, and wanted to wear it. Those of you that know me, know that last year, he put his uniform on and slept in it the first night. I wouldn't let him do that this year. He was pretty excited that it had his name on the back and a number. Of course at first, he just said "Look mom, there stuff on the back too! I'm number 25. 25? that's a dumb number. How come they gave me 25?!" To which I replied... "Remember when I went to fill the papers out and sign you up and I called you and asked what number you wanted on your shirt and you said 25..." "Oh, yeah.... " then he says, "It's some word on the back too... " "Um, Ky.... that's your last name... see?" Then the light goes on... "Oh, I knew that... I was just fooling you... Lemme see it again... " Gotta love it.

I hope they get to play tomorrow... he's so excited.

Oh, and lets see... what else... On Sunday, I almost forgot... My nephew's birthday party in on Sunday at the Mini golf place... that's where we had Kyle's last year... It's not a great course, but it's fun... the kids had a good time, although I really think they had a better time on the playground than they did golfing.

I think I've covered everything I wanted... if not, maybe I'll remember it later... while lying in bed... almost asleep... I hate when that happens.

April 20, 2006

Life sure would be better if I didn't have so much crap to deal with

So, I call StupidX this morning to make sure that he got my list of dates for vacation. He says "Yeah, did you really need to write them down? You could have just told me." I know his track record, and I would tell him then he would plan something with them that would interfere, but I would be the one at fault. So, while talking to him, I mention that when I had Kay at the Drs the other day, there was an outstanding balance of 118.00. That it was probably more now, and that if it wasn't paid, they would refuse to see her. He said, "Well, I told you, I'm not paying that. You have to pay the co-pays like you always did. If they don't see her, it's your fault. That was what we agreed to." Ok... let's get this straight, dork. You are required to provide health insurance. This doesn't mean, get a crappy policy with outrageous deductibles and then expect me to pay them. The so called co-pay is just that. An outrageous deductible. What I agreed to pay was the co-pay from the insurance you had before. $20 for the visit is what I am willing to pay. I didn't pick the insurance, you did. I will NOT pay the deductible. That is part of providing insurance coverage.

Now I have to play hard ball... I will have to make a call to my lawyer, make some changes, get the kids added to the insurance that I have with hubby, and make him pay out the wazoo for my time and suffering... or at least for the difference there will be in our costs, since the child support was set up that he provides the health care. While I'm at it, I'll have it put in there that the kids will need braces, and he is to pay 1/2 for that... I think I'll also ask to have it changed that I can claim all the kids on my taxes from now on... yeah, another stupid concession. It's amazing the things you will agree to just to get something done and over.

So, wish me luck! I'm gonna need it, cause there's gonna be a fight...

April 18, 2006

Time to get tough...

So, every year, the Stupid X takes the kids for a week to the ocean for vacation. Every year, I ask when they are going so that I can plan my vacation. Last I heard, he was not going to go to the beach for vacation because they couldn't afford it. You know, with buying the house they were living in, and having to get that brand spanking new truck, and him possibly losing his job... Anyway, so he hasn't told me when they would be going away. I have stuff I want to plan, places I wanted to go, people I want to visit... This summer it seems like everything I want to do, is going to interfere with the week that they would to go away. I want to take Kay up for her 2 weeks with Traci, and the weekend of the NEBBQ is when we would get her back, and that would be the weekend that they will be returning from the beach. Well, I have decided that I am tired of planning my summer around him. He can just deal with it. I have typed up a list of days that we will be away, and if it interferes with him, too bad. I will not miss the BBQ. I really want to see Kim. I haven't missed any except for that first one at Traci's. We want to try to get to the Shore to visit Grandmom for a week. So he's just gonna have to deal. He can plan around me for a change. I'm done being nice.

April 15, 2006

Here comes Peter Cottontail...

So, tonight's the big night... The suspense. The anticipation. The Sugar. The CHOCOLATE!!!!! Ok. Yeah, I love chocolate. Chocolate with crispies. Chocolate with peanut butter. Chocolate with caramel. Chocolate with... chocolate. I don't care who makes it. I'm not so much a chocolate snob that I'll pass up a Palmer chocolate rabbit. Of course I would prefer a cadbury mini egg, over a foil wrapped Bunny Munny... but I'm not gonna turn one down. My 16 yo is convinced that chocolate is evil and causes zits. My 12 yo believes what ever the 16 yo says. My 6 yo isn't a big fan... I'm not sure he's really mine... I think he was switched at birth.

So, tomorrow morning, there will be baskets, with chocolate and other stuff. The girls will complain that they don't want the chocolate, but will eat it anyway. Kyle will eat some and allow me to have the rest. Hubby? He's like me. He also loves chocolate, but he prefers Dark Chocolate... He'll have his share in his basket, I'm sure.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter. Enjoy your chocolate. Oh, does anyone want my black jelly beans? I'm not at all fond of those! I like the yellow and green... but you have to eat them like that... so you get lemon-lime. Yeah, that's for another day...

He is Risen!

April 14, 2006

Anyone know where I can find a bus?

This is gonna get long, and it probably won't be pretty.

So... StupidX has decided that he wants to be more stupid than he already is. Since according to our agreement, the kids are to be with me on Easter day, but it's technically his weekend, he asked if he could take them Thurs and Friday and bring them back on Saturday. I agreed. The girls have dance on Thursday, and Kyle has baseball practice. Thursday, Kyle wanted to take his bike to my mom's so in getting it in the car, and him, and remembering everything I didn't take his glove and bat with me. Oops. So, I call back home and ask Nikki to take it with her when she goes. Later that day, StupidX (that will be his new name, since I don't really like to use too much profanity, and there isn't any mild profanity that fits!) has Nik call me to tell me to bring the glove to the field. Hello... it's 4:30 and practice is at 6 and you live 5 mins from my house, you can't stop and get it? Nope. If he does that, he won't be able to make them dinner before they go. HUH?! What are they having? A 20 course meal? Some gourmet thing that needs lots of attention? Nope... Hamburger Helper. Yes, you read that right, Hamburger Helper. I was furious. By the time I would get home from work, get the glove and get to the field, it would be 6:30. Too late for it to really matter. He says he has one that he can use, and will just let him use it. So, that was solved, although from what I understand, I was the main topic of conversation for most of the evening... I'm such the demanding, and selfish witch.

Jump to Thursday night, I was getting Kay from dance, since he couldn't get her and bring her home, and she doesn't spend the night there anymore.... and the cell phone rings, it's Nik and she's upset. Seems that when he told her earlier in the week that she could go to Stations of the Cross with me today, he didn't really mean it cause he didn't think that she really was going to go. Hello... she wouldn't have asked if she didn't want to go. So, because he planned for the egg dying at his mom's for 1, she wouldn't be able to go with me at 3. She was in tears. I talked to her and let her know, that since they don't really get to do much with him like that, maybe she should just go do the eggs, and we could do Stations together next year. We were getting ready to hang up, and right after we said bye, she said "Oh! Hey mom! I love you." It broke my heart. Why does he always put them in those positions?

Tonight at Church, for Tennebrae, she was there, with the Evil Ex MIL... she sat with us, and said that she was sorry she didn't go with me. I told that was ok, since I had a migraine and didn't go anyway.

I told him when we dropped her off over there after church that I needed them back a little early on Sat since he's had them and we haven't done our own eggs. He said he would bring them at 6. I'll just boil the eggs in the morning and have them ready to go so they aren't up too late tomorrow night.

Now, for the bus... I'd also be interested in a dump truck and a steam roller... And don't worry... I won't hide the body in MY backyard... and if anyone asks, you don't know anything. Ok?

April 13, 2006

Things that annoy me...

People in the 30 mph EZPass lane that slow down to 5 mph. Did they not see the SIX signs that say 30 mph?

Cashiers or anyone else in the service industry that is paying more attention to their manicure/hairstyle/jewelry/co-workers than they are to helping me. If I walk up to the counter, you are to wait on me... not the other way around.

When my office mate returns from what she calls "a comfort stop" and makes the comment, "Whew, you might not want to go in the bathroom for a while, and boy, now my hemmorrhoids hurt". Ok, thanks for the warning, but that's way, WAY TMI.

When my neighbor complains to me about the neighborhood kids. Hello, I only have 3, and those obnoxious ones that ride their skateboards up your driveway are not them.

When the neighbor on the other side of us decides that the only way to cure his insomnia is to get on his scooter thingy and drive it around his yard, or to play with his remote control car in the obstacle course he has created at 2:45 in the freaking morning.

When the phone rings at work, and my co-worker looks at the caller id, and only answers the calls from cellphones, out of area, caller unknown, or my house. Why wouldn't she let me answer the calls from my own house.

When in her haste to answer the phone so she can find out who is calling, she does so with a mouth full of food... instead of shifting the food to one side so that she can speak clearly, she chews, crunches and smacks in the caller's ear... Yeah, that's professional.

When my children will leave just enough milk to look like there is enough for a bowl of cereal until you pour it out, and then you have damp cereal and not enough milk for it to at least float a little.

It is my job, as a parent, to embarrass you...

So... have you told your kids that one yet? No?! What are you waiting for? Of course it works much better if you are in the middle of a shopping mall, just after making your 16 yo daughter sit on the Easter Bunny's lap, and you are doing the bunny hop with a pair of paper ears from the Customer Service desk. The grown ups in the group, and the children under 10 in the group thought it was funny. The 16 and almost 13 year olds, not so much. She wasn't embarrassed when she was in line and I was buying cookies and blackbottoms for everyone (the bribe used to get my 4 yo nephew to sit on EB's lap...).

It's a good day when my daughter glares at me from across the mall... That'll keep the boys away.

April 12, 2006

Shamelessly stolen from you know who...

The Rules:1. I can only say YES or NO!
2. I am NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone comments/messages me and asks!

Taken a picture naked? : No
Made out with a member of the same sex? : No
Danced in front of your mirror? : Yes
Told a lie? : Yes
Gotten in a car with people you just met?: Yes
Been in a fist fight? : No
Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back? : Yes
Been arrested? :No
Slept in a bed with a member of the same sex? : Yes
Seen someone die? : No
Kissed a picture? : Yes
Slept in until 3? : Yes
Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by? : Yes
Played dress up? : Yes
Fallen asleep at work? : Yes
Had sex at work? : No
Felt an earthquake? : Yes
Touched a snake? : Yes
Ran a red light? : Yes
Been in a car accident? : Yes
Pole danced? :Yes
Been lost? : Yes
Sang karaoke? : No
Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? : Yes
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? : Yes
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? : Yes
Kissed in the rain? : Yes
Sang in the shower? : Yes
Got your tongue stuck to a pole? : No
Sat on a roof top? : No
Played chicken? : No
Raised chickens? : No
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? : Yes
Been told you're hot by a complete stranger? : Yes
Broken a bone? : No
Mooned/flashed someone? : Yes
Forgotten someone's name? : Yes
Slept naked? : Yes
Blacked out from drinking? : Yes
Played a prank on someone? : Yes
Felt like killing someone? : Yes
Made a parent cry? : Yes
Cried over someone? : Yes
Had sex more than 5 times in one day? : Yes
Had/Have a dog? : Yes
Been in a band? : Yes
Drank 25 sodas in a day? : No
Shot a gun? : No

If you haven't already stolen this from you know who, or anyone else for that matter, what are you waiting for?!

No, I did not fall off the face of the earth...

Just been a little busy with regular stuff... Ky lost his second tooth sometime either Friday night or Saturday... he doesn't remember and doesn't know where it is. The tooth fairy left $2 this time... I was feeling bad about the other kids getting more, and the fact that it took me 2 nights to remember to leave a note saying the tooth was AWOL. Still forgot the note, just left the money.

Feline Trivia... Cats do not like having refridgerated medication dropped in their ears. They will squirm and wiggle and claw to get away.

Canine Trivia... Dogs dig holes. Some dogs dig very deep, skinny holes, just wide enough for you to get your foot stuck in it, and stumble across your lawn so that the neighbors look at you funny.

Daughter Trivia... When your children are off school, and you ask if they want to come to work with you to make a couple bucks, when eldest says no, and middle one jumps at the chance, it is unavoidable that eldest will be furious when she learns that middle made $168 in 3 days.

Husband Trivia... Men like to "putter". He is not happy if it's a nice day, and he isn't out side messing with something... mowing, weed whacking, planting, his latest activity is to spray weed killer on the dandelions that grow in our yard... doesn't he know it's a losing battle?

Other mindless drivel... (Hmm... is that how you spell drivel? Should it be drivle? Nah... that doesn't look right at all.) Somehow I have been elected to host every holiday... the comment that sets this off is "Since you have the newest house"... I didn't know it was a contest, and just cause my house is the newest, doesn't mean it's the best suited. Doesn't matter, I will have a house full of people on Sunday for Easter dinner... Guess that means I should clean some huh?

I have plenty more to cover, but I think I'll do separate posts... Just to make it interesting... I have been liking Traci's idea of her open letters to her co-woker, and think I might steal that idea occasionally... Stay tuned...

April 06, 2006

My Little Negotiator...

So... Kyle wanted to keep his tooth, so we wrote a note and put that under the pillow... Tooth fairy leaves a dollar. He's all happy about that... Fast forward to last night... It's bedtime, and he's in bed... and I hear "Mom! Hey Mom! Come here!" I think what now? I get to his room, and he asks for his tooth... He wants to put it under his pillow. Huh? I explain, the TF already came, she won't take his tooth now. His answer.... "Well, the kids at school, some of them got $10 for their toothes and I think if I put my tooth under my pillow, she'll bring me the rest of my money."

This kid keeps me on my toes.. I had to tell him that sometimes, moms and dads will give the tooth fairy extra money to put under their pillow... He says, "Well you can do that, right?" Um... no. go to sleep.

I'm gonna be in some big trouble when that boy gets older... heck, I'm in trouble NOW!

April 04, 2006

Ky's toothless grin

Baseball, teeth and cell phones...

So... Hubby tells me that I should seriously think about not killing my mom... and that it's a little late for me to be an only child, I guess since I have 3 brothers... So, here's the story. Kyle and nephew Drew sign up for baseball. Kyle is playing on the 7-8 team... yeah, I know, he's only 6. I did this because we were supposed to be on Coach Harvey's team. He's really good with the kids, and he's very, very patient. So we get a call... from Coach Mike. Huh?! He's Kyle's coach... and Drew's coach. So they are on the same team, but not the right team together. We go to the Orientation, meet the coach night, and the coach that Kyle has is the evil, screaming, kids are terrified of coach from last year that we played against... He was mean. He yelled at the boys and they were afraid of him... and didn't look like they were having a good time. Someone said that they told him he needed to "tone it down"... I'll give him a chance, if he yells at my kid, we're outta there, but not before giving him a what for. Anyway... I'm getting off track... gee, like that never happens. So, Monday I get to mom's to pick up the kids, and she says that Joe (my brother) needs to know when the first game is. I don't know when the first game is... so I tell her that. We get into this whole conversation about Opening day parades, and such, and says that the first game is usually after that. So this morning, we get to her house, and Ky has his bat and glove. She starts arguing with him... Hello! He's six! She is going on and on about how I told her that they didn't have any games until after opening day, which is the 22nd... Ok... so? Well why does he have his glove and bat? 'Cause he has practice. So then she says... "No. You said that they wouldn't have games until after opening day... " Ok... but they have practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays... so then she argues with me about it... Do I really have to explain the difference between practices and games?! UGH! Doesn't matter anyway... whatever they were supposed to have, we didn't, cause the fields were too muddy.

So, my baby... the one that is growing at record speed... a month ago, a barely wiggly tooth... today, it came out. Can I tell you how much I didn't want that to happen? I really didn't want him grow up. I see little babies, and I want one. People at work are having babies and I want one... they are so cute and tiny and they smell so sweet... I want a baby. Ok, enough crazy talk from the uterus... we don't listen to that anymore. I'm getting off track again... sigh... I wish that would stop happening... So, my little guy calls me at work today... "Hey mom, guess what?" "What?" "My tooth came out. It was really wiggly, and I was wiggling it, and I kinda pulled it out." "Really?! Wow... you kinda pulled it out?" "Yep, and missagiggin (teacher's name as pronounced by my child) gave me a special tooth box to put it in." "Cool! Tonight we'll have to put it under your pillow for the Tooth Fairy." "Um... Ok, I guess. Gotta go, bye!" "Ok, bye Lou, I love you!"... he had already hung up. So... we're home, and we're looking at his tooth, and talking about putting it under his pillow, and he says, "I don't wanna do that... I wanna keep it for rememorying, Ok?" I told him that was fine, we would put a note under his pillow and the tooth fairy would still leave him money... (See picture above... ) I need to remember to leave the money... honey.

I think it's time for me to kill my daughter... Hmm... murder seems to be a theme here... Anyway... we got her a phone. She has it for 3 weeks... It's blue... and silver and really cute, so she says... but she seems to have lost this cute little thing... ARGH! How do you lose a phone that you haven't let out of your sight? I have no idea where it is... she is hysterical. I am ticked... Hubby is ticked... I told her that I'm making her wait for a week before we make moves to replace it... I want her to suffer, and to keep looking for it. I can't believe it. Ok, I love her... and I only say this in the most loving way, but she is definately my blonde. Ugh. I put a suspend on the phone... I could just scream. Now it's either go buy her a new one, or re-activate one that we have. Kay has her old one that we could get re-activated, but it's such a pain in the butt... Yeah, I know... why should I do that? Why just open that door for her to lose another one? Why set her up to be hysterical again? Because I know that she didn't lose it on purpose. I know that she needs to be responsible, and she cried for 2 days over this phone... and because I want her to know that we all make mistakes, and that sometimes, it's a mom's job to dry your tears, give you a stern lecture, then give in... I did it when Kay lost her phone, I'll do it now, and I'm sure when Kyle gets a phone, I'll do it then. She might be a blonde, but she's my blonde.

April 03, 2006

My uneventful trip to the Dermatologist...

So, nothing like getting all worked up and stressed over something you think is going to be really bad, and then have them say, "Nope, that's normal." I was so relieved, that I got teary. I was pretty scared by this thing I had growing on my side, under where my bra strap goes. She said it was normal, and that they could freeze it off if I wanted. I told her that I didn't really wanna, but it was annoying, and I was constantly messing with it. So she zapped it with some freezie air, and it should fall off in a couple days.

I showed her the things I get on my face... they look like little pimples, but they are there for a while, and then they pop thru the skin... the thing that comes out almost feels like a grain of sand. (sorry if it's icky... ) Those are millia she said (I guess that's how you spell it) and aside from looking like little tiny pimples, they are fine too.

The other thing I wanted to mention to her was that I had a skin tag... anyone who has kids, knows that this is pretty common after a pregnancy... only mine was on my, um nipple. It started out as a little bump, then got bigger... I said something to hubby about having her look at it, cause I wanted to make sure that the position wasn't going to be an issue. His response? "I hadn't even noticed it. " So, I whip out the nipple, and I flash 2 doctors, and they both said that it's not an issue either, and that if I want they can "snip" it off. Ok, I don't know about any of you, but the words, "snip it off" and "nipple" don't go together for me. I declined. I could go with the method that my gma's dermatologist did, and just tie a piece of dental floss around it... from what I understand (from my gma... gotta love her... ) it's like castrating a bull. It will just shrivel up and fall off. Again... "shrivel up and fall off" and "nipple" do not belong in the same sentence. My luck, I'd castrate the whole nipple. It don't hurt, it obviously isn't in the way of having fun (wink, wink) and hubby hasn't even noticed it... we're good.

She looked at some other stuff, was almost concerned about something else, but changed her mind after getting out the magnifying glass, and then sent me on my merry way. I don't have to go back unless I have concerns. Nope... now that I know what the ok ones look like, as long as there isn't anything other than those, we're good to go.

Oh... and on a side for all those inquiring minds... I got lucky on Friday night... by the time I got out of the shower, he had fallen asleep. I didn't want to wake him just to... you know... so I let him sleep... this morning, he had forgotten to turn his alarm on, so he overslept. If I had known that was gonna happen, I woulda woke his butt up. :P

April 02, 2006

Spring has sprung...

It was soooo nice this weekend. It was good that we ended up with and extra hour of daylight too. Yesterday, I didn't get nearly as much as I wanted to... you know, like nothing! So... we skipped church today, and Doug was out at 8 mowing the lawn... Sorry neighbors! I was up and doing some indoor cleaning this morning. We went to the grocery store, came home, and did some more stuff here. Then I took Kay to a friends b-day party. Came home and vegged for a bit... cleared out the 580ish emails that I hadn't read, and wasn't going to read now... Then we had dinner, and headed outdoors... I dug up a spot in our garden, and I planted some daylilies. I replanted the snap dragons from last year... I'm not sure they will bloom again, but they were still alive and were getting some new growth, so I figure it's worth a shot. if they don't, I'll just yank them out, and plant more next year.

I cleaned off the front porch, washed off all the patio furniture, and threw out all the junk that was living there. I think it was safe to put the snow shovels away, and the ice melter stuff... ya think?

I swept the porch, and while doing that, I noticed that outside window is nasty! I think I'll have to get out there with a bucket of soapy water and wash it off. It's looking really bad. I'll have to hope for a nice weekend next weekend too.

In other news... not very exciting news, though, I have a dermatologist appt tomorrow. You know how they say if you've had a bad sunburn you're at a higher risk for skin cancer... I've had about a gazillion bad sunburns. One time it was so bad, that I couldn't put on real clothes for about a week. I had to wear this terry cloth shorts thingy... you remember them. One piece terry cloth tube top like with shorts... Anyway. I have some weird moles, and other various things that I want to have looked at. I hope that they tell me that I'm just being paranoid, but you know, better safe than sorry.

Guess I should go get in the shower, and head to bed... who knows, maybe I'll get lucky. ;)