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April 25, 2006

Another day... they all seem to run together...

Today is a Tuesday, like yesterday was Monday... nothing exciting going on. Same stuff... always the same...

Kyle has a baseball practice, and he gets to wear his uniform. He'll be so thrilled! It's supposed to rain on Saturday... I know it's too early to really tell, but if it rains, they won't have opening day. Again. On the bright side of that, I would be able to take him if they push it back a week. That's what Ky really wants anyway.

Nikki is gung-ho into planning her birthday party... she's going to be 13. I don't where she thinks we're going to put all the people she wants to invite... Oh, and she talked to StupidX to let him know when it would be, and rats, they won't be able to make it.

Kay has asked StupidX's mother for her savings bonds. The kids get one every year for their b-day. Kay wants to get them, so that as soon as we can, we're going to put them in a CD to get better interest. She said she had to talk it over with her spouse... Kay called last night, to see what the answer was... She said "Oh, we don't think that's going to work. I have to go, bye" and then just hung up. Um, ok first, they are savings bonds! I have one I got when I graduated high school.. I think it's made a whopping $16 in the 20-something years it's been... Second, um... they were a birthday GIFT! what part of GIFT do you not get?! They are hers. I just don't get it... It's not like she's gonna skip town with them... Trust me, she wouldn't get far.

And finally.... I heard from the lawyer. She pretty much said nothing that I wanted to hear. Technically, since I have physical custody of the kids, I am responsible for the insurance deductible. I can ask him to pay what ever his portion of the care of the children is for their braces when they need them. And she can't just re-adjust child support because I want to... I have to have a good reason. I feel that because he is an ass should be reason enough... now to just get the courts to agree. I forgot to ask about changing it so that he can't claim them on his taxes anymore. I need to call her with my income amount from last year, how much it would cost to add them to the insurance would be, and my child care expenses. I also should have reminded her that at the time he was claiming he was poor and they went with a lower rate of support than the guidlines state. I'll have to do that when I call her back.

So, that's my lovely Tuesday in a nutshell... I really wish I could find an allergy medicine that didn't make me loopy... Or ready to fall asleep on my keyboard... Oh well...

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