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April 21, 2006

Time for a brain dump... Again...

So, this week has been a really long week. Don't know why, it just has.

Kids were off school on Monday for the last day of Spring Break. Why not just call it Easter break? That's what it is... It's not like it falls on the same week every year. It's at Easter time... It's Easter break, call it what it is.

Tuesday... Kay had a dr appt... She found a lump in her breast. Yeah, she's 16. Fibrous Cysts run in my family. My aunt had both breasts removed because they were so bad. The Dr doesn't think it's anything to be too concerned about. She said to check it again in 2 weeks, and when she goes for her gyn appt in May, mention it to them.

The rest of the week is a blur. Allergies and the meds to combat them caused that. Ugh.. I love spring, hate the pollen.

Tomorrow is opening day for Little League. My little leaguer is all excited... I think we'll be rained out though. I hope not. This year has been different. Since he is in scouts too, he's been doing both on Tuesdays and with the girls in dance on Thurs nights, I don't go to practice... I haven't been to one practice yet. I hear he does really well. He gets hits, he still needs to practice catching, but hubby says he's as good as 50% of the team.

He was funny when he came home last night. He had his uniform, and wanted to wear it. Those of you that know me, know that last year, he put his uniform on and slept in it the first night. I wouldn't let him do that this year. He was pretty excited that it had his name on the back and a number. Of course at first, he just said "Look mom, there stuff on the back too! I'm number 25. 25? that's a dumb number. How come they gave me 25?!" To which I replied... "Remember when I went to fill the papers out and sign you up and I called you and asked what number you wanted on your shirt and you said 25..." "Oh, yeah.... " then he says, "It's some word on the back too... " "Um, Ky.... that's your last name... see?" Then the light goes on... "Oh, I knew that... I was just fooling you... Lemme see it again... " Gotta love it.

I hope they get to play tomorrow... he's so excited.

Oh, and lets see... what else... On Sunday, I almost forgot... My nephew's birthday party in on Sunday at the Mini golf place... that's where we had Kyle's last year... It's not a great course, but it's fun... the kids had a good time, although I really think they had a better time on the playground than they did golfing.

I think I've covered everything I wanted... if not, maybe I'll remember it later... while lying in bed... almost asleep... I hate when that happens.

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