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April 06, 2006

My Little Negotiator...

So... Kyle wanted to keep his tooth, so we wrote a note and put that under the pillow... Tooth fairy leaves a dollar. He's all happy about that... Fast forward to last night... It's bedtime, and he's in bed... and I hear "Mom! Hey Mom! Come here!" I think what now? I get to his room, and he asks for his tooth... He wants to put it under his pillow. Huh? I explain, the TF already came, she won't take his tooth now. His answer.... "Well, the kids at school, some of them got $10 for their toothes and I think if I put my tooth under my pillow, she'll bring me the rest of my money."

This kid keeps me on my toes.. I had to tell him that sometimes, moms and dads will give the tooth fairy extra money to put under their pillow... He says, "Well you can do that, right?" Um... no. go to sleep.

I'm gonna be in some big trouble when that boy gets older... heck, I'm in trouble NOW!

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