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April 04, 2006

Baseball, teeth and cell phones...

So... Hubby tells me that I should seriously think about not killing my mom... and that it's a little late for me to be an only child, I guess since I have 3 brothers... So, here's the story. Kyle and nephew Drew sign up for baseball. Kyle is playing on the 7-8 team... yeah, I know, he's only 6. I did this because we were supposed to be on Coach Harvey's team. He's really good with the kids, and he's very, very patient. So we get a call... from Coach Mike. Huh?! He's Kyle's coach... and Drew's coach. So they are on the same team, but not the right team together. We go to the Orientation, meet the coach night, and the coach that Kyle has is the evil, screaming, kids are terrified of coach from last year that we played against... He was mean. He yelled at the boys and they were afraid of him... and didn't look like they were having a good time. Someone said that they told him he needed to "tone it down"... I'll give him a chance, if he yells at my kid, we're outta there, but not before giving him a what for. Anyway... I'm getting off track... gee, like that never happens. So, Monday I get to mom's to pick up the kids, and she says that Joe (my brother) needs to know when the first game is. I don't know when the first game is... so I tell her that. We get into this whole conversation about Opening day parades, and such, and says that the first game is usually after that. So this morning, we get to her house, and Ky has his bat and glove. She starts arguing with him... Hello! He's six! She is going on and on about how I told her that they didn't have any games until after opening day, which is the 22nd... Ok... so? Well why does he have his glove and bat? 'Cause he has practice. So then she says... "No. You said that they wouldn't have games until after opening day... " Ok... but they have practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays... so then she argues with me about it... Do I really have to explain the difference between practices and games?! UGH! Doesn't matter anyway... whatever they were supposed to have, we didn't, cause the fields were too muddy.

So, my baby... the one that is growing at record speed... a month ago, a barely wiggly tooth... today, it came out. Can I tell you how much I didn't want that to happen? I really didn't want him grow up. I see little babies, and I want one. People at work are having babies and I want one... they are so cute and tiny and they smell so sweet... I want a baby. Ok, enough crazy talk from the uterus... we don't listen to that anymore. I'm getting off track again... sigh... I wish that would stop happening... So, my little guy calls me at work today... "Hey mom, guess what?" "What?" "My tooth came out. It was really wiggly, and I was wiggling it, and I kinda pulled it out." "Really?! Wow... you kinda pulled it out?" "Yep, and missagiggin (teacher's name as pronounced by my child) gave me a special tooth box to put it in." "Cool! Tonight we'll have to put it under your pillow for the Tooth Fairy." "Um... Ok, I guess. Gotta go, bye!" "Ok, bye Lou, I love you!"... he had already hung up. So... we're home, and we're looking at his tooth, and talking about putting it under his pillow, and he says, "I don't wanna do that... I wanna keep it for rememorying, Ok?" I told him that was fine, we would put a note under his pillow and the tooth fairy would still leave him money... (See picture above... ) I need to remember to leave the money... honey.

I think it's time for me to kill my daughter... Hmm... murder seems to be a theme here... Anyway... we got her a phone. She has it for 3 weeks... It's blue... and silver and really cute, so she says... but she seems to have lost this cute little thing... ARGH! How do you lose a phone that you haven't let out of your sight? I have no idea where it is... she is hysterical. I am ticked... Hubby is ticked... I told her that I'm making her wait for a week before we make moves to replace it... I want her to suffer, and to keep looking for it. I can't believe it. Ok, I love her... and I only say this in the most loving way, but she is definately my blonde. Ugh. I put a suspend on the phone... I could just scream. Now it's either go buy her a new one, or re-activate one that we have. Kay has her old one that we could get re-activated, but it's such a pain in the butt... Yeah, I know... why should I do that? Why just open that door for her to lose another one? Why set her up to be hysterical again? Because I know that she didn't lose it on purpose. I know that she needs to be responsible, and she cried for 2 days over this phone... and because I want her to know that we all make mistakes, and that sometimes, it's a mom's job to dry your tears, give you a stern lecture, then give in... I did it when Kay lost her phone, I'll do it now, and I'm sure when Kyle gets a phone, I'll do it then. She might be a blonde, but she's my blonde.

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  • At 1:48 PM, April 05, 2006, Blogger Queen Bee said…

    Sorry you got the scary coach, be sure to set him straight if he gets out of line. As for mom, sorry, you get what you get for a mom and yours is pretty good most of the time. Rememorying is adorable, love that word. I agree about the phone, I would probably do the same thing. Hope it turns up, unlikely as that is. How about some general hugs from one mom to another? *HUGS*


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