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April 12, 2006

No, I did not fall off the face of the earth...

Just been a little busy with regular stuff... Ky lost his second tooth sometime either Friday night or Saturday... he doesn't remember and doesn't know where it is. The tooth fairy left $2 this time... I was feeling bad about the other kids getting more, and the fact that it took me 2 nights to remember to leave a note saying the tooth was AWOL. Still forgot the note, just left the money.

Feline Trivia... Cats do not like having refridgerated medication dropped in their ears. They will squirm and wiggle and claw to get away.

Canine Trivia... Dogs dig holes. Some dogs dig very deep, skinny holes, just wide enough for you to get your foot stuck in it, and stumble across your lawn so that the neighbors look at you funny.

Daughter Trivia... When your children are off school, and you ask if they want to come to work with you to make a couple bucks, when eldest says no, and middle one jumps at the chance, it is unavoidable that eldest will be furious when she learns that middle made $168 in 3 days.

Husband Trivia... Men like to "putter". He is not happy if it's a nice day, and he isn't out side messing with something... mowing, weed whacking, planting, his latest activity is to spray weed killer on the dandelions that grow in our yard... doesn't he know it's a losing battle?

Other mindless drivel... (Hmm... is that how you spell drivel? Should it be drivle? Nah... that doesn't look right at all.) Somehow I have been elected to host every holiday... the comment that sets this off is "Since you have the newest house"... I didn't know it was a contest, and just cause my house is the newest, doesn't mean it's the best suited. Doesn't matter, I will have a house full of people on Sunday for Easter dinner... Guess that means I should clean some huh?

I have plenty more to cover, but I think I'll do separate posts... Just to make it interesting... I have been liking Traci's idea of her open letters to her co-woker, and think I might steal that idea occasionally... Stay tuned...

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  • At 2:03 AM, April 13, 2006, Blogger Heather said…

    LOL DO steal her idea... cuzz I am sure people at your work are just as nutty. AND we did the spraying of the DANDY Lions last summer and by the end of summer we had NO DANDY LIONS!!!! So its not a lost cause you just have to really stay on them lil buggers


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