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April 14, 2006

Anyone know where I can find a bus?

This is gonna get long, and it probably won't be pretty.

So... StupidX has decided that he wants to be more stupid than he already is. Since according to our agreement, the kids are to be with me on Easter day, but it's technically his weekend, he asked if he could take them Thurs and Friday and bring them back on Saturday. I agreed. The girls have dance on Thursday, and Kyle has baseball practice. Thursday, Kyle wanted to take his bike to my mom's so in getting it in the car, and him, and remembering everything I didn't take his glove and bat with me. Oops. So, I call back home and ask Nikki to take it with her when she goes. Later that day, StupidX (that will be his new name, since I don't really like to use too much profanity, and there isn't any mild profanity that fits!) has Nik call me to tell me to bring the glove to the field. Hello... it's 4:30 and practice is at 6 and you live 5 mins from my house, you can't stop and get it? Nope. If he does that, he won't be able to make them dinner before they go. HUH?! What are they having? A 20 course meal? Some gourmet thing that needs lots of attention? Nope... Hamburger Helper. Yes, you read that right, Hamburger Helper. I was furious. By the time I would get home from work, get the glove and get to the field, it would be 6:30. Too late for it to really matter. He says he has one that he can use, and will just let him use it. So, that was solved, although from what I understand, I was the main topic of conversation for most of the evening... I'm such the demanding, and selfish witch.

Jump to Thursday night, I was getting Kay from dance, since he couldn't get her and bring her home, and she doesn't spend the night there anymore.... and the cell phone rings, it's Nik and she's upset. Seems that when he told her earlier in the week that she could go to Stations of the Cross with me today, he didn't really mean it cause he didn't think that she really was going to go. Hello... she wouldn't have asked if she didn't want to go. So, because he planned for the egg dying at his mom's for 1, she wouldn't be able to go with me at 3. She was in tears. I talked to her and let her know, that since they don't really get to do much with him like that, maybe she should just go do the eggs, and we could do Stations together next year. We were getting ready to hang up, and right after we said bye, she said "Oh! Hey mom! I love you." It broke my heart. Why does he always put them in those positions?

Tonight at Church, for Tennebrae, she was there, with the Evil Ex MIL... she sat with us, and said that she was sorry she didn't go with me. I told that was ok, since I had a migraine and didn't go anyway.

I told him when we dropped her off over there after church that I needed them back a little early on Sat since he's had them and we haven't done our own eggs. He said he would bring them at 6. I'll just boil the eggs in the morning and have them ready to go so they aren't up too late tomorrow night.

Now, for the bus... I'd also be interested in a dump truck and a steam roller... And don't worry... I won't hide the body in MY backyard... and if anyone asks, you don't know anything. Ok?

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