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April 13, 2006

Things that annoy me...

People in the 30 mph EZPass lane that slow down to 5 mph. Did they not see the SIX signs that say 30 mph?

Cashiers or anyone else in the service industry that is paying more attention to their manicure/hairstyle/jewelry/co-workers than they are to helping me. If I walk up to the counter, you are to wait on me... not the other way around.

When my office mate returns from what she calls "a comfort stop" and makes the comment, "Whew, you might not want to go in the bathroom for a while, and boy, now my hemmorrhoids hurt". Ok, thanks for the warning, but that's way, WAY TMI.

When my neighbor complains to me about the neighborhood kids. Hello, I only have 3, and those obnoxious ones that ride their skateboards up your driveway are not them.

When the neighbor on the other side of us decides that the only way to cure his insomnia is to get on his scooter thingy and drive it around his yard, or to play with his remote control car in the obstacle course he has created at 2:45 in the freaking morning.

When the phone rings at work, and my co-worker looks at the caller id, and only answers the calls from cellphones, out of area, caller unknown, or my house. Why wouldn't she let me answer the calls from my own house.

When in her haste to answer the phone so she can find out who is calling, she does so with a mouth full of food... instead of shifting the food to one side so that she can speak clearly, she chews, crunches and smacks in the caller's ear... Yeah, that's professional.

When my children will leave just enough milk to look like there is enough for a bowl of cereal until you pour it out, and then you have damp cereal and not enough milk for it to at least float a little.

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