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April 18, 2006

Time to get tough...

So, every year, the Stupid X takes the kids for a week to the ocean for vacation. Every year, I ask when they are going so that I can plan my vacation. Last I heard, he was not going to go to the beach for vacation because they couldn't afford it. You know, with buying the house they were living in, and having to get that brand spanking new truck, and him possibly losing his job... Anyway, so he hasn't told me when they would be going away. I have stuff I want to plan, places I wanted to go, people I want to visit... This summer it seems like everything I want to do, is going to interfere with the week that they would to go away. I want to take Kay up for her 2 weeks with Traci, and the weekend of the NEBBQ is when we would get her back, and that would be the weekend that they will be returning from the beach. Well, I have decided that I am tired of planning my summer around him. He can just deal with it. I have typed up a list of days that we will be away, and if it interferes with him, too bad. I will not miss the BBQ. I really want to see Kim. I haven't missed any except for that first one at Traci's. We want to try to get to the Shore to visit Grandmom for a week. So he's just gonna have to deal. He can plan around me for a change. I'm done being nice.

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