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April 20, 2006

Life sure would be better if I didn't have so much crap to deal with

So, I call StupidX this morning to make sure that he got my list of dates for vacation. He says "Yeah, did you really need to write them down? You could have just told me." I know his track record, and I would tell him then he would plan something with them that would interfere, but I would be the one at fault. So, while talking to him, I mention that when I had Kay at the Drs the other day, there was an outstanding balance of 118.00. That it was probably more now, and that if it wasn't paid, they would refuse to see her. He said, "Well, I told you, I'm not paying that. You have to pay the co-pays like you always did. If they don't see her, it's your fault. That was what we agreed to." Ok... let's get this straight, dork. You are required to provide health insurance. This doesn't mean, get a crappy policy with outrageous deductibles and then expect me to pay them. The so called co-pay is just that. An outrageous deductible. What I agreed to pay was the co-pay from the insurance you had before. $20 for the visit is what I am willing to pay. I didn't pick the insurance, you did. I will NOT pay the deductible. That is part of providing insurance coverage.

Now I have to play hard ball... I will have to make a call to my lawyer, make some changes, get the kids added to the insurance that I have with hubby, and make him pay out the wazoo for my time and suffering... or at least for the difference there will be in our costs, since the child support was set up that he provides the health care. While I'm at it, I'll have it put in there that the kids will need braces, and he is to pay 1/2 for that... I think I'll also ask to have it changed that I can claim all the kids on my taxes from now on... yeah, another stupid concession. It's amazing the things you will agree to just to get something done and over.

So, wish me luck! I'm gonna need it, cause there's gonna be a fight...

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