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April 22, 2006

Rain, rain, go away...

So, woke up in the middle of night to lightning, thunder and POURING rain. I love listening to the rain when I go to sleep. and I'm not sure, but some time I think we lost power... hubby's clock was wrong... mine was right, which is funny, since he's the one with the battery for back up.

So, at the way to early time of 8:20, the phone rings and it's Coach Mike telling me that the Opening day festivities are postponed. Ya think? They are rescheduling for next Saturday. Kyle will be with his dad, but he doesn't want him to take him. He wants me to take him. Ugh... why do I always feel like I'm letting him down when I tell him that I can't take him, but I'll meet him there, and he gives me that look like that isn't good enough?

So, with today free now, I could be cleaning, and starting to put away the winter clothes and getting out the summer stuff... and what am I doing... putting up a post on my blog, and then heading in to crawl in bed with hubby for a little nap... Kay is cleaning her room, Nikki is playing playstation, and Kyle is getting on her nerves. Just your average Saturday.

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