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May 02, 2008

How far would you drive...

to find cheap gas?

This might make it easier to find... and if you play with the zoom you can get close enough to actually click on stations and see their prices and exact locations.

I also was kind of surprised at the spots that have almost a DOLLAR in the difference from one part of town to the next... bizarre.

I also had a self discovery moment... I am completely fascinated by maps. I could zoom in and scroll around for hours... checking out town names... following where a road goes... I'm such a dork.

Anyway, you can have your own fun there...

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  • At 6:53 AM, May 03, 2008, Blogger LoisLane said…

    Ok- this is where I show how much of a dork I am. lol

    Gas stations must set their price based on the shipment of gas in their storage tanks and the price they paid for that gas.

    So, when you have stations showing different prices, odds are good they are working with two different shipments of fuel that each station paid a different price for.

    In today's economy, that generally means the station with the lower price bought its gas before the station with the higher price - since it seems gas prices go up every night while I sleep.

    Sigh. You can tell I've spent too much time tracking this issue.

    FYI, ExxonMobile reported first quarter profits of $10.9 BILLION with a B. That's for the months of January, February and March.


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