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December 10, 2007

Sleigh bells ring...

And I think they only do it to be annoying...

There are 2 weeks... Yes, 2weeks until the fat man shows up at my house... You would think I would be ready... Not even close.

Anyone know how to bend the time and space continuum? If you do, could you slow it down for the rest of the world?

Got the big stuff for the kids, but not the filler gifts. Hubby is being a Scrooge and keeping a tight hold on the purse strings. Can't really blame him though... it's tight all around.

I had to break it to the kids that there would be much smaller piles under the tree this year.

Kyle's answer? Doesn't matter mom, Santa makes all the presents we want... had to explain copyright laws to him for that one... he thinks he's getting a TV, DVD player, a camera and his own computer... right... I think he is sadly mistaken.

Don't get me wrong, this won't be a bad Christmas, it will just be a little slimmer, and frankly? That's OK with me. It shouldn't be all about the gifts, or the getting. It should be about the family and the togetherness and the specialness of the day.

Christmas should be about the love... that's why we'll be spending it with my X-IL's here at 7 am for breakfast. It's become an odd tradition, that started out awkward, but now wouldn't be the same with out them. Besides, it's fun when she talks trash about the family... ;)

Now, anyone wanna come decorate, shop and bake for me?

December 04, 2007

The longest day ever...

But it sure flew by...

The best place to be when you don't want to be anywhere is surrounded by friends.

Monday, Kim was laid to rest. It sucked... HARD.

What didn't suck was that I was surrounded by my best friends. Friends that were feeling the same things I was, and that were hurting the same as me.

While it was one of the hardest funerals I've ever had to go to, I was very happy to have been there. Again, while there, I just kept thinking... I really wish there was more I could do. Tell more stories about how I knew her. Give more hugs, show more support... but we were all assured that while we all felt as though we weren't doing enough, we did more than was ever expected and that meant a lot.

The funeral was the worst, the friendship was the best. I'm glad that I saw the girls this weekend, I just wish it were under better circumstances.

We did a lot of remembering, and laughing and of course crying. I know that we'll all be ok, because we have each other. I also know that the remembering, and the laughing and the crying is far from over... We will always remember, because that is how Kim will stay alive. She will always live in our group. She will always live in our hearts.

Still remembering her... always... love you, Kim...