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February 27, 2008

Can I quit?

At least tonight was a better night than last night... kinda. Tonight's battle was Nikki and her PSAT class. They are working on the math portion and she doesn't remember some of what they are going over. Trying to explain it to her, very frustrating.

Kay is done being mad at me. They told her at work that they want her to stay on as an instructor, and that she could still work 6-8 Monday to Thursday and would be off on Friday since there isn't a class that night. She will be "Managing" the school track team. (I think her best friend got that for her... she's the school's best track team member.)

Kyle is preparing for the state's assessment tests... I hate those! For 2 weeks there is no spelling homework, just math. Math vocabulary. ick.

I'm really excited about the Mystic Light Shawl KAL I joined... I can hardly wait for Michele to tell me that my yarn is ready... The only thing I'm slightly nervous about is that the shawl is going to be only charted... I'm pretty sure that Knit Picks has a tutorial on chart reading. I'm also sure that if I look on the net I will find something to help...

I've caught up all my dishcloths and am waiting for the new one to start on Saturday.

There are new pictures on my flickr of our weekend with Grandmom for her 90th birthday. It was a lot of fun. My whole family hasn't been together like that for a long time. There were kids everywhere it seemed... lots of talking and laughing.

I was very happy that out of all the kids there, mine were the best behaved. Of course I might be a bit biased, but watching the others in the restaurant, we win hands down.

I'm a little ready for this week to be over... I need a weekend. Thankfully there's one coming and so far, it's empty! Woo Hoo! and on that note, this post is over too!

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February 15, 2008

Nothing like a little DIY Surgery...

So, remember how a long time ago I mentioned my skin tag? Well, it's been getting bigger... not at an alarming rate, but still...

Last week I was getting undressed, and I noticed something in my bra... it was blood. The stupid tag was bleeding a little. Me, not wanting to go to the dr to have it looked at again went to the internet... cause you know, if it's on here, it's gospel truth.

I gave the tag a little twist to cut off the blood supply and put a band-aid on it. I have had a band-aid on the girl since last week... on Tuesday, I went back to the all knowing internet and looked some more... several sites said to cut it off. That it wouldn't hurt. So I tried... To my shock and surprise, it hurt! so I stopped what I was doing, put a new bandaid on it and left it alone. The next day I changed the bandaid and put some antibiotic ointment on it so it wouldn't get infected... that would be baaaaad.

So, all day yesterday, it itched like crazy! I got home, took off the bandage, and looked at it... went to put the bandage back and the tag fell off! WOo Hoo! No more skin tag.

Of course my mom says that it will come back... She also says that I should have gone to the Dr to have it removed because she didn't think it was a skin tag, but since I had already flashed them, and they didn't think it was anything to be concerned about, so I wasn't going back.

It's still a little itchy, but I figure it's healing from my lame attempt at surgery... Hopefully the whole thing doesn't fall off.

February 09, 2008

Yeah, I'll take the beach part...

The Recipe For karen

3 parts Magnetism
2 parts Ingenuity
1 part Creativity

Splash of Playfulness

Sip slowly on the beach


February 02, 2008

Finally all done...

On the Monthly Dishcloth Yahoo group I belong to, they send out pattern rows for 2 cloths a month. I usually start one, then get distracted and never finish it. Or I'll wait to see what it is to decide if I want to knit it, then never do... I think I only did 3 or 4 of the 24 from last year.

This year I took the Dishcloth Challenge to knit all 24 cloths. So, I'm about a month late for this one, but it's done. And it's already been claimed! Kyle said he wants it for the bath tub. Fine with me.

Anyway, here's the completed cloth. It's a bit wonky cause I didn't block it or anything and I used the scanner.

I've already cast on for the 2nd January one and it's going pretty quick. I'll have plenty of time to work on it tonight at the Blast game.

Oh! And don't forget to vote for Mark. They have some new thing where you have to register to vote... whatever... guess we were stuffing the ballot box a bit much... Traci and Mark (Blogless) would really appreciate it... so would I!