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May 12, 2008

Happy Sunday... on a Monday...

Yeah, so yesterday was Mother's day... and I'm a mom... yippee!

The kids were with StupidX on Friday night and Saturday night, and I was almost tempted to tell him to just keep them on Sunday... I mean it really is just another day... Is that a bad thing to say?

I had to get up early (7 am!) to go to church because StupidX took the kids there and I had to pick them up there... broke my diet by eating a pancake at the Mom's day breakfast they do every year... but I also ate more protein then carbs, so it wasn't a total bust. Then we skipped Sunday School and just came home. I had a killer sinus headache so I laid down and slept... all day.

Got up in time for dinner, then played on Webkinz with Ky for a little bit until it was his bed time, then I did 1 load of laundry and went to bed...

See, just another day.

The only thing that made it special was a gift I got from my friend Monica (an adorable mug and a beautiful angel...) and flowers from my Hubby and some cards.

Kay did say that she would be taking me out to dinner next Sunday (after she gets paid because her prom is Saturday and she won't be able to afford it before Prom...)

I hope that if you're a mom, you had a wonderful day... and if you aren't a mom, I hope you treated yours right.

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