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December 22, 2006

'Tis the Season to Deck the Halls

Cause it's lovely weather to walk in a winter wonderland.

A friend of mine was saying that she doesn't understand some people. They claim they don't believe in Jesus, but yet they celebrate Christmas. Kinda illogical thinking there, don't ya think?

I believe in God. I believe in his Son. I celebrate Christmas. That's what I'll be doing this weekend. Celebrating the birth of Christ. What a joyous time.

I will be wishing Christmas wishes for all who need it... I love you all.

Merry Christmas and Joy to the World!

December 20, 2006

Ok, need a little help...

Have you seen it? I can't find it anywhere.

What is "it" you ask? "It" is the bag with all the little things I have been buying since August to give to Ky's teachers. There were several notepads, some books of little reward stickers, a few stamps and stamp pads, some cool pencils and pens. Think I can find the bag? Nope. It's a Target bag with a couple other bags inside it.

It was right there... I know it. But last night, after making the peppermint bark, (that didn't turn out, btw) I wanted to get everything ready and bagged, and I can't find it. Do you know how annoyed I am? Then, when I asked Hubby if he knows what happened to it, he gets all huffy about it and says I'm "accusing" him of throwing it away, or losing it. Ummm... no. Just thinking maybe that you moved it or know where I moved it to. Ugh.

If you have any ideas, I'd appreciate them... Let me know before it gets too late, I have to go shopping tonight to get the replacements.

Oh, and while in the midst of looking for this, my mom called, and when I told her what I was doing, she said, "I don't know why you do that every year... Just skip it, it's not that important." But, it's what I do every, EVERY year. The teachers know I do this gift for them, and they like it. I won't "just skip it".

I'm sure it will turn up again... in February, when I don't need it.

December 18, 2006

All this talk about presents...

I totally love this... You answer a couple questions, tell them about the person you are shopping for, what they like, things they already own, and they give you a list of things that they might like for a gift... pretty cool. I see why they call it the Wow Finder... made me say Wow when I got the results back. It was very comprehensive, and with that info, you could shop around for price or convenience to where you live. Plus, I was just having fun doing it for me... so now I know what to put on my list for next year. LOL! Go, play! It really is neat. Wonder if they'll leave that up after the holidays... might make birthday shopping a little easier too.

If I had known about this earlier, I wouldn't have gotten Hubby that sweater... ;)

Speaking of shopping and presents, I think I'm almost done. I just need to finish up the stocking stuffers, get one more thing for Nikki, and then, I will be done. I must be done. As it is, I'm not sure where I'll fit everything!

How about you? There's only a week left... are you done?

December 15, 2006

Let's see... the end of another week. The Christmas clock is ticking. I always stress over this stuff. Did I get the right gifts? Is it what they want? What if they already have it? Then, with the kids, it's a matter of making sure that things are pretty even. Does one kid have "more" than the others? Is there one kid with "less"? It wouldn't matter if the kid with more got nothing but rocks, sometimes the size of the pile is all that matters. I will say it's going to be a pretty slim year... we've tried to keep things in control, and it's hard for me. I want to give them everything they ask for. By no means could you call my kids spoiled. They don't ask for much throughout the year, but come Christmas, the lists are long and very often they get most of what is on it... Well, aside from the laptops, and tvs for their rooms. This year, each child is getting something on the bigger end of their list and lots of little things. I had a comment about Hubby knowing what to get his sister. When asking him what she likes and/or needs, his suggestion? A sweater. Her husband is getting one, why not her too? He can be very creative with gifts, don't get me wrong there, but for everyone in his family? Sweaters.

On a completely unrelated note, my cat has worms. Oh joy. Guess I'm calling the vet to get some meds, but then they'll want to see her, and it will cost me more than I want to spend. She's a sweet cat, and I'll do it, but I won't be happy.

The boy lost his tooth... well the boy pulled it out. He was excited, and wanted to save it until Christmas eve. He thinks he could cause a traffic jam if the Tooth Fairy and Santa came at the same time. Where does he get this stuff?

Well, I'm off for more water... it's funny how sometimes I was eating snacks, and wasn't really satisfied but, now, drinking a glass of water I see that I wasn't really hungry, I was just thirsty.

December 13, 2006

So, I was on my way to the Forum...

Right... you've heard them all before.

I barely have time to breathe, let alone post here. I miss you all terribly. Please don't throw rocks, I bruise easily.

Oh, and I was on the hunt for something for my SIL that I realized I don't know enough about her. I have known her for 5 years, but have no idea what she likes. How sad is that? I think I might have to change that. Of course it doesn't help that she's way down in Virginia and I'm way up here in Not Virginia.

I ended up buying her a Towel Warmer. Yeah, silly, huh? Well she's an OR nurse. She works long hours. Who doesn't like warm towels? And who would buy one of those for themselves?

I'm really excited about Christmas. The kids are excited, and so am I to see them excited. I think this weekend is our Annual Santa Photo. I'll be sure to post the pics as soon as I can. ;)

That's all I can coherently discuss at the moment. I'll be back soon though!

December 02, 2006

One stress relieved...

I will soon be the new owner of this. Isn't it pretty?

Merry Christmas to me.

December 01, 2006

Enough already...

There comes a point where everything is stressed... There are many stressors...

There is stress at work. End of year file swap outs, close out for billing issues, making sure all the ducks are in a row. Not to mention that things have been a little weird since a co-worker that left told my manager that I was bored and was un happy... News to me...

THen there's home. Bill collectors beating at the door, because my brother is a loser. That's causing stress with me and Hubby... It's not been good. We're trying to not let it get to far, but it's a little more than we can handle at the moment. So Christmas isn't going to be what I want it to be for the kids. That just kills me inside.

Then there's even more home stuff... Our oven was acting up, so I made an appointment for someone to come look at it. It died. I mean it wasn't dead on Monday, but today, it's dead. Now we have to figure out what we're going to do for an oven.

I'm at the point of breaking. I'm tired of fighting it... all of it. I don't want to be stressed out at work, or at home, or have to figure out what we can have for dinner that doesn't require the oven. I want to scream. I want to cry. I want to run away. Hmm... I think that last one's out of the question. I won't get far with out money.

Anyone know how to install built-in ovens? Any one have an oven they don't need?