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April 30, 2007

Another weekend blurs right on by...

I had big plans this weekend... with a bunk bed... the same big plans I have had for about 3 months now it seems... every stinking weekend. Do you think they would happen? Nope.

All I really wanted to accomplish was getting Kyle's new bunks set up. Saturday, spent running around in the morning, then in the afternoon, running Kay from dance class to home, then out to a babysitting job (for those inquiring minds, and you know who you are, she sat for 3.5 hours and they paid her $30.00.) and then vegging for a bit with Hubby, then I had to run back out and get her from the babysitting job and then it was 11 pm... where had the day gone?!

Sunday? Same thing kinda sorta... But instead of running around it was doing yard work, and some work-work that I had taken home. Kay had a repeat performance babysitting, but this time, not so much money... 4:30-8:30 and she only made $20. Hmm... but, she wasn't upset by the drop in price, she got $50.00 for the weekend, so not too bad.

Now, about those bunk beds... They are in the basement... just sitting there... staring at me everytime I go down there... One of the reasons I hesitate to put them up, they are metal. The little rubbery feet things are gone... and? We have hardwood floors. I do not want to put those scratchy metal feet on my floors. Until I come up with a good alternative, I'm gonna keep procrastinating.

Oh... and can I just say I really don't like Spring... all the sneezing, itching, ickiness... ugh.

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April 27, 2007

I think I need this...

I think I *really* need this...

What do you think?

Hmm.... wonder if I can find a nice wool next weekend to use...


April 25, 2007

It has been brought to my attention, that I don't update enough. So, to Miss LoisLane... pppbbbblllltttt!!!!!

I'm on this new training routine. I have decided that again this year, I will be participating in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. (Watch this space for more info soon... I will be setting up a team, a website, and I think I'll even have a spiffy button for donations/pledges on here to make it as painless as possible.) The difference between this year and last year is that I want to run it. I want to be there, and actually Race. I have a good friend who is a serious Look-there-she-is-in-another-marathon runner. I solicited her help in getting my big lazy butt in shape to be able to actually run. She has me on a training program of doing crunches, walking 4 times a week, and stretching.

I guess it's working some, cause I don't want to die anymore.

After that first round of crunches, I would lie in bed and just wish that I would die... Hubby, being the supportive thing tried to encourage me, but I wanted no parts of it. All I could think was "What the heck was I thinking?!"

I like the walking part... the dog and I head out, and she gets some exercise too. She's a hyper thing, so it's helping her too, and for my 20 pound weakling, she'll rip your arm off just as easily as look at you. The vet called her a "nervous biter". We were really worried about that, but we have figured out how she reacts to people and situations, and we don't take chances or let our guard down. If we are expecting a crowd, she goes into the back yard, or her crate. If there will be kids, she's in the crate. Once she sees that they are not there to kill or burglarize us, we can let her out, and she is fine. All of that aside, she makes me feel very safe... especially since she has a thing against anyone with saggy pants or a hood on. Oh, and if you have a hat on, she doesn't like it. Took her a while to get used to Kyle wearing a hat in the winter.

I hope that I don't get burn out and decide that running the race isn't what I want to do... Kyle and Nikki are going with me this year, so after I run the race, I'll be walking it... Jilly, do you think that you and the kids would want to join me? How about you Annette? The more the merrier! It will be held this year in Hunt Valley, just down the road from both of you... ok, so maybe not *just* down the road, but down the road. Once I get the team set up, if you're interested, you can sign up... I think it would be fun!

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note... I really really REALLY want to go here. Hubby said I could, but I wasn't allowed to take any money with me... I might try to bribe him with a sweater... think it will work?

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April 11, 2007

Man, I really need to keep up on this thing...

So, let's see... where was I?

Oh yeah, I was going crazy. You would think that things would calm down since the kids are on Spring Break. Not so...

Last week was just INSANE! Lots of the usual running with a couple extra church services thrown in there.

Friday I took the day off so that Nikki and I could go to our favorite service of all... Stations of the Cross... I LOVE that one. Anyway... I woke up Friday and something didn't seem right. I had a slight headache, my ears felt like there was water rushing... well or sounded like that... I thought maybe I was just hungry. Boy was I wrong... I have had what I thought were migraines before, but this? Way worse than any of that... It hurt to think, to talk, to listen to even breathe... I was nauseous, and shaky... I didn't eat all day because I felt so bad. I missed church, and dinner... I fell asleep around 7 and woke up about 8:30 that evening, and felt 99% better. I still had a slight headache, but not as bad as it had been earlier. Whew... I was still a little queasy thru the next afternoon, and my head was still a little "tender" but I was much improved!

There was something that I didn't connect, but my mom did... On Wednesday night, I had this weird rushing sound in my ears, and there was like a weird thing in my vision... kinda like when you look at a light, then close your eyes... know what I mean? Only it was with my eyes open. It looked like a letter C but with spikes on the outside curve. weird.... my mom thinks it may have been a precursor to the migraine. I hate to say that I'll have to wait and watch, but I'm not sure what else to do... anyone out there in InternetLand have any experience?

Oh, and this week? It's still a little crazy... prom dress shopping, interesting relationship talks with Kay (she informed me that she really didn't think that she wanted to wait until she was married, cause what if she never gets married?), toy shopping, and tonight we are on the hunt for a pair of shoes and a cell phone.

For those playing along at home, Insanity - 1... Me - 0

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