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January 25, 2008

Go Bobcats!

So, last night, I got home from setting up mom's printer, Kay went in the house and I walked across the street to the neighbors to drop something off... She came bursting out of the house and running across the street.

Her first college acceptance letter. For the non-refundable cost of $150.00 they will hold her a spot for the Fall 2008 Freshman class.

Talk about a mix of emotions... and I mean ME not her!

Guess I know what I'll be doing online for the next 3 months or so until the money's all gone... Yep... researching scholarships and grants and financial aid...

On an unrelated but equally important note... My friend Traci's man, Mark, has a chance to win a 2009 Polaris Snowmobile... you can check the contest out and his video and the 1st segment of the competition here... and be sure to vote for MARK! It tracks cookies, so you are only supposed to be able to vote once... but I'm sure you can do whatever it is you can do to block the cookies and stuff the ballot box. ;) Thanks! I'm sure that Traci and Mark appreciate it!

And then you can comment here about how much fun that was to watch... LOL!

January 21, 2008

And the wind whirled this weekend...

There was shopping, and partying, and poxing...

Ran around Saturday to do some quick shopping for my outfit for Saturday... New shoes cause the ones I wore last time, ugh. Then got a call from my mom, she got a great deal on an awesome desk at the thrift store for Nikki, so I went and picked that up.

Then there was the party... Hubby's company's winter party. What a blast! Free booze, gambling with someone else's money... Ok, so it was fake money but it was real gambling, and I doubled my money at the Blackjack table. Go me!

On the way to the party I got a call on the cell phone, Kyle has Chicken pox. Yeah, that childhood disease that they MADE me get him immunized for... The one that they said he probably wouldn't get because of that shot. Well he got it. From my nephews. Who also got the shot. What was the sense of that if he's going to get the virus anyway?!

Oh well... now I'm sure he won't get them again... and hopefully because of the shot he'll be over them fast! They aren't very bad, probably about 30 - 35 spots... I have some oatmeal bath stuff for him for tonight. (He asked if we could use the Apples and Cinnamon oatmeal we have. He said that way his bath water would taste yummy. He cracks me up!)

So, anything exciting happen for you this past weekend?

January 09, 2008

Musical chairs...

So, I was messing with the kids MP3 players... just kinda scrolling through to see what they had on there... most of it is hip hoppy pop stuff...

But wait! What is that? AC/DC??? Led Zeppelin??! Violent Femmes?!!! Wow... I didn't know they even listened to stuff like that... Then there was Cyndi Lauper, too... I used to listen to that! I was pretty impressed by the amount of diverse stuff they had.

So I kept going on through the list... Then... it all came to a screeching halt. I couldn't believe it. Not sure why this was on there... Alvin and the chipmunks. Get out.

They have Alvin and the Chipmunks in the same list with AC/DC. And it's not even their Christmas song... it's something from the movie.

Think they'll notice if I add a couple more heavy metal tunes to help balance the Chipmunks? I think that definately calls for some.

January 04, 2008

For my baby...

January 4, 2008


Happy Birthday! I really can’t believe you’re 18… it doesn’t seem that much time has passed. I still remember being pregnant with you. I remember the first time I saw you… all scrunched up and tiny. You had beautiful eyes and the cutest fingers and toes.

When you were a baby, if we were out somewhere, everyone would comment that you looked like a little china doll. You were a very beautiful baby.

Growing up, you were so funny. You had a mind of your own and knew exactly what you wanted. (You’re still like that!) You loved your Jingles, and he went everywhere with us. Then we realized that things would get ugly if you didn’t have him, so he stayed home and would wait for you.

When you started talking, you would babble nonsense words mixed in with real words and your expressions looked as though there was something wrong with us for not knowing what you were talking about. Uncle Joe used to “talk” to you in baby babble and the two of you would carry on whole conversations. It was very amusing to watch the seriousness on your face while you listened to him, and then you would answer him with that same seriousness.

You weren’t always the most outgoing when meeting new people, so we joined Girl Scouts to help you make friends. Then there was dance class to help you be more social. I soon learned that while some of the girls would have the whole flock of other girls around them, they didn’t have what you had. You may not have had a whole group of girls hanging around you, but the ones that you did have as your friends were (and still are!) very special and important to you. At the same time though, you were never “snobby” and excluded anyone from being your friend, but there were some friends, like T, that are life long friends and that you will always keep special.

I know now that you are growing up and becoming a young lady and not my little girl anymore, I really need to let you go. Hopefully one day you will understand how difficult that is to do. When I look at you, I still see my first baby… my first child, the one that will always be my Kaysie Diddle. Now it’s time for me to find out if I’ve done my job correctly and shown you how to be responsible, so you can go out into that big world and be successful. I know I have to let go, but part of me wants to protect you still. I will always want to do that, and I will always be here if you need me. That’s what moms do for their babies.

I know that you will be fine. You are a smart, beautiful, funny person. There will be times when you get hurt, but you’ll just get up, brush it off, and try again.

Just remember, no matter where you go, or what you do, I will always be there cheering you on, and supporting you. I’ll also help you brush it off and move on. I love you.

Love, Mom