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January 21, 2008

And the wind whirled this weekend...

There was shopping, and partying, and poxing...

Ran around Saturday to do some quick shopping for my outfit for Saturday... New shoes cause the ones I wore last time, ugh. Then got a call from my mom, she got a great deal on an awesome desk at the thrift store for Nikki, so I went and picked that up.

Then there was the party... Hubby's company's winter party. What a blast! Free booze, gambling with someone else's money... Ok, so it was fake money but it was real gambling, and I doubled my money at the Blackjack table. Go me!

On the way to the party I got a call on the cell phone, Kyle has Chicken pox. Yeah, that childhood disease that they MADE me get him immunized for... The one that they said he probably wouldn't get because of that shot. Well he got it. From my nephews. Who also got the shot. What was the sense of that if he's going to get the virus anyway?!

Oh well... now I'm sure he won't get them again... and hopefully because of the shot he'll be over them fast! They aren't very bad, probably about 30 - 35 spots... I have some oatmeal bath stuff for him for tonight. (He asked if we could use the Apples and Cinnamon oatmeal we have. He said that way his bath water would taste yummy. He cracks me up!)

So, anything exciting happen for you this past weekend?

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  • At 9:17 PM, January 24, 2008, OpenID Sarah said…

    LOL Ugh, chicken pox, I remember having them. Not fun, but the benefit was that I gave them to my brother. :)


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