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November 29, 2007

Today, everything changed...

Today, 3 adorable children lost their mother.

Today, 1 loving husband lost his wife.

Today, 1 mother lost her daughter.

Today, I lost a friend.

Kim was one of the kindest people I knew. She was part of my Mom's group online. We "met" about 8 years ago, and for that time, we were friends. We were sisters.

The first time I ever saw Kim, she had this huge smile and hug, and an even bigger heart. Since we all talked online everyday, all day, it was like we had known each other forever. We knew who was in disagreement with their DH, we knew who was... um... well, you know... not disagreeing... ;)

When Kim told us that they found a lump in her breast, we were scared. Kim didn't let us see that she was scared too. She was always upbeat and supportive. Even on her worst days, she was there telling us how proud she was of our kid's accomplishments. How happy she was for our triumphs and how sad she was when we were sad.

Today, we are sad, but Kim is not... Kim is resting. She doesn't have to fight anymore. She isn't in pain, or going through some nasty test or treatment. She is quiet. She is still.

Kim will live on in her memory. In our thoughts and always, always in our hearts.

Today, the world became a little less bright.

I love you, Kim... may you finally be at peace.

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