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November 20, 2007

Outstanding Customer Service...

Last year, on Black Friday (the 24th of November) we bought Nikki a Sandisk Sansa e150 MP3 player... she had it about 45 days when she broke the screen. Not bad, just a crack. Didn't effect the way it played so we let it go.

Well about the time our home machine died, her MP3 player started acting weird, but I couldn't mess with it since we didn't have the computer. Once we got the new machine, I started messing with it... read through posts in various forums on what I needed to do for the error she was getting (db mismatch).

I finally contacted their Tech support to find out how to format the player since that seems to be the only way to fix it. I copied the file with her songs off the player to our computer, and followed their directions. No luck. They were very patient and very clear in the steps I needed to take as we tried to reformat it about 3 different ways. Finally, I was done.

I sent another email (that was the only way to contact them...) saying that after trying everything they suggested it still wasn't working and what were my options... they told me that if it was with in 30 days of purchase I could take it back to the store. I explained that it was outside of the 30 days, I didn't still have the receipt but that it was within a year. They replied and said they would need some information from me (date of purchase, where purchased, and some personal info) and they would send me a RMA (return merchandise authorization). I sent what they needed, and they sent me a RMA # and a UPS pick up slip.

They paid to return it to them, they replaced it, and shipped it back to me. I got it back today... when I sent it to them, all I sent was the player... they sent me back a new player, a set of ear buds, a lanyard, a battery, and the USB cord to connect it.

Way more than I was expecting. I have to say, to find a company that is willing to make sure their customers are happy, and stands behind their product the way they have is very nice.

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