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October 30, 2007

Can I slow down now?

It has been non-stop going for the past I don't know how long... 2 weekends ago was the birthday/homecoming insanity.

This past weekend was Confirmation insanity... Nothing like seeing how dysfunctional the rest of your family is to get a glimpse of how normal you really are.

It started out that it was StupidX's weekend with the kids. He picked them up on Friday, as usual on his weekends. Nikki informed him that she wanted to come home on Saturday night so that she could just get dressed at home instead of having to take all her clothes/hair accessories/makeup and stuff over there. He agreed that was a good idea and said he would bring her home Saturday evening.

So, Saturday, Hubby and I are just finishing up dinner and the dog goes running to look out the front window... then you can see her watching someone come up the sidewalk on to the porch. The lack of insane barking and jumping at the window let me know it was someone she knew... The door opened and in came Nikki... with Kyle right behind her. I was a little surprised to see them both. After a very brief Q&A session, Kyle was also home because they weren't sure they would be at Church the next day... Um... WTF?!?! This is his daughter's confirmation. The day that she stands up and proclaims her faith. The day that she takes her faith in her own hands. And he's not sure he's going to make it?!?! UGH!

Well, Sunday morning, we headed off, picked up Kay's boyfriend, J. and headed to Church. Dropped everyone off, then headed to the grocery store like we always do. While wandering the aisles, my phone rings and Nikki is panicked because they want to do the pictures RIGHT NOW and where are we and when will we be back. We headed to the check out, paid, and tossed the groceries in the car. Got back to church with a few minutes to spare. Got our pictures, and while we were waiting for her Confirmation teachers to show up, in walked StupidX, Wifeypoop and her daughter. We chatted a bit, then headed up to the church. Our family pretty much filled a pew end to end... I was saving a few seats for the X and his Thing and her child. They sat about 3 rows behind us. I showed him the saved seats, but they declined. Before the service even got really going, Wifeypoop left. Yep, got up and walked out. Not sure why, but she just left. Well the reason was that she wasn't feeling good... big surprise. She never does when it involves the whole family.

Service was beautiful, Nikki was beautiful and I was so very proud of her.

X had to leave a few minutes early to pick up the cake, and then we all headed back to my house. X showed up, alone. Said that WP was not feeling well, and decided to stay home. No biggie. As it turned out, he only stayed for about an hour...

Anyway, the rest of the day was great, and she had a good time.

I was exhausted. A house full of people will do that...

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