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August 27, 2007

Today is the day...

My babies aren't babies. I know this. But do they have to rub it in?

Today was the first day of school.

As the girls got out of the car, I realized how far they had both come... They are best friends. At times, they are worst enemies.

Kay is a Senior. As she walked away from the van this morning, I could still see that little tiny child headed to Kindergarten. Full of excitement and happiness. All smiles and joy. She is still excited and happy about so much, and it shows. But where did my little baby go?

Nikki is a Freshman. My little ray of sunshine. If you've ever met someone that no matter how down in the dumps you are, they can make you laugh, that's Nik. She is silly and goofy. She has always been my jokester. She start to tell you something, and start giggling, and even though you don't know what she's giggling about, you are giggling right along with her. I think this will be her turning point year though. I think she will grow as a person this year, but I don't want to loose the crazy goofy girl.

Kyle is in the "Big Hall". He's in 3rd grade. He's such a little man it isn't funny. He can negotiate better then some lawyers. Several people have commented on him being a little lawyer. Don't let the serious side fool you though, he's a prankster. One of his favorite toys? A whoopie cushion. He's also my snuggler... well, they all are to an extent, but he'll still come over and want to sit on my lap. When he was little, and he would be nursing, he would take my hair and rub it between his fingers and his thumb. He still does that. Pretty soon, my 3rd grader will be too big to fit on my lap. I'm going to miss those snuggly cuddles...

It has been a pretty melancholy day. I've been thinking about the past... my babies. A friend said to me, if my kids are independent enough to do their own thing, I've done a good job. I hope the job I've done is good enough to prepare them for the real world. I think they have enough to be able to handle it, but not so much that they are too jaded, and not too little that they are too naive.

Happy first day... Now I'm going to buy stock in facial tissues... ;)

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