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August 14, 2007


This past weekend was great. I went to my annual Mom's BBQ. You might remember the big secret from last year's. This year, there were no big surprises. Just lots of fun, food and family. These women aren't my friends. They are the sisters I never had. In a conversation I overheard, one of the kids asked if one of the other kids was her cousin... I guess even the kids feel the same way we do.

We laughed, we ate, we drank, we ate some more, and we drank even more! I think I ate more junk food in one day than I have eaten all year! It was great though.

The kids are now almost 8 and they are pretty self sufficient. They played together all day, and even walked to the park together by themselves.

It was great to see everyone, and we were sorry that a couple of them couldn't make it this year. We even got a call from Cherie since she missed us so much. Once bitten by that BBQ bug, it's never the same.

I'm sorry the weekend went so fast, and I'm already looking forward to next years. Cincinnati won't know what hit it! LOL!

Yes, I took pictures, no I don't have them downloaded yet. I will get Hubby to do that tonight. I will post the link tomorrow. Promise.

In the mean time, you can hit Traci's and see some of them there.

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