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August 08, 2006


Oh, Ok... now that I have your attention, I want to apologize for my absence. Yeah, I know. I've been neglecting you. Yes, I still love you. Really, I do.

Oh, so where have I been? Just a little busy. I've taken about a week off work, but not all at once. What? Oh, yeah, so I haven't been busy at work, but I spent the first part of my mini-vacation in beautiful NY state... Came home, was crazy busy at work, then took time off to go to PA to pick up my travelling child, and spend a great weekend with some great friends.

Let me tell you about my wonderful weekend... You're gonna wanna hear this. It's a great story!

Last year, at the annual Mom's BBQ, we discussed flying Cherie out to one of the BBQ's... That was pretty much the end of the discussion... Then in October, one of my dearest friends, Kim, was diagnosed with breast cancer. We were shocked, and saddened and angered... On February 24th a plan was hatched... I sent an email asking if anyone wanted in on a plan to surprise Cherie with a plane ticket, and Kim with Cherie. Just about everyone was on board. Heather sold some scrapbooking supplies on ebay and donated the money. Amy sold tupperware to the rest of us and donated her commission. The rest of us sent what we could. Next thing I knew it, Michele sent an email saying we had enough! We researched flights, and bought the tickets. She was the one that got to call Cherie and tell her to pack her bags! I was excited then, but it seemed to be only the tip of the iceberg of excitement. That was about 2 months ago... those were the longest 2 months EVER! Yeah, time always seems to drag when you're waiting for something, doesn't it?

Then came the rest... We had Cherie figured out. All the logistics, the blessing from her hubby, and the whole scheme. We got her here to the east coast, and to the BBQ... we stopped first for some balloons for her to hide behind, and spotted this great SURPRISE! banner. Ok, so the banner was 12 feet long, and made from some foil stuff that doesn't tear, so Cherie was wrapped and tied up in it. Perfect touch though, don't you think? We walked in, and Kim and the whole gang were there... and Cherie let the balloons go, and Kim watched them float to the ceiling of the foyer. They floated up, and Kim kept watching... Then she looked down. FINALLY! She was shaking, we were all crying, and she kept saying, "What are you doing here?!" It was wonderful. No, not her shock and speechlessness. The feeling of knowing that I made a difference. That while Kim has been fighting her battle, we were coming up with the plan that would make her forget it for just a little bit. That we were going to something so wonderful for someone that has been an inspiration to me... she has never complained, never whined, never let it get her so down, that she isn't still patting us on the back for our little victories, or giving us hugs when we need them. Kim is awesome, and I'm glad to know her. I'm proud to call her friend.

I can't take all the credit, almost everyone was in on it. (I need to apologize here to Sue... not sure if you're reading this, but somehow, I missed adding you to the BBQ Surprise email list. I'm terribly sorry. Please forgive me.) I had Sue send me Shreddies so Cherie could have her usual breakfast. The only one that wasn't in on it, was Kim, of course.

Cherie is home now. I miss her. I'm glad we did this.

Kim and Cherie, you both mean so much to me! I'm glad I could be instrumental in making one person's dream come true, and another person's day brighter.

I love all my October mom sisters. They are truly an amazing group of women.

I wish you could meet them. You would understand what I mean.

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