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July 13, 2006

I love the smell of Tupperware in the morning...

I like to shop. Ok, I love to shop. My bank account? Doesn't love it as much as me. I love a good deal though.

The other day, I needed flea stuff for the cats... I usually buy it from so I headed there again. They were having a great freebies sale, so while there, I picked out a couple other things, and ended up with a really nice tote bag, and a cute pair of socks from Burt's Bees. Score!

Then one of my really good friends Amy sells Tupperware. They are having a Christmas in July sale... each day a different item at an incredible price. Gotta love it. So Day 1 was the Mystery Box... $50 worth of storage goodies for way less than that. I ordered one. It arrived yesterday. There were bowls, and containers, a veggie peeler and a cup. Cool stuff. I was very excited, and tried to spread that to Hubby... Him? Not as excited as me. Oh well...

Anyway... I'm now off to find the next Big Deal! Do you know of one?

Oh... and my latest time waster? Thanks to the dear Hubby, is this. And one that I found. (I'll be adding these to my links list... have something you want to share? Put it in the comments.)

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