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June 07, 2006

Ok... Camping... Part B...

So, to continue from here , I get up on Friday morning, at the usual way to early for me time to get the kids off to school. I took Ky to school as a treat, cause I usually don't get to do that, so he was happy. I left there, came home, threw a load of laundry in the washer, jumped in the shower, got out got dressed, threw the clothes in the dryer and was out the door. I went to the grocery store, then to Big Lots to get the stuff that was remaining on the list. Came home started packing the clothes that I was taking and were now clean. Yeah, I know, Hubby was packed since Tuesday... me, I'm counting days on my fingers at the last minute to make sure I have enough undies in the bag.

Hubby gets home from work and starts packing the van... yeah, the van with the liftgate that won't open... Hubby informs me that we need to leave by 1:15. Um, he tells me this at 1? what is this man thinking? So, at 2:20 we're finally leaving mom's to hit the road... we had to go back to get the digital camera. (please note, there are no pictures, because I think I lost the cable... oops!) One more stop here for something we forgot, the we hit the road... Smooth sailing... scattered showers, but no biggie... then, there it was... right there... we really weren't expecting it... TRAFFIC! Of course, I don't know why we thought there wouldn't be any... Now, Hubby doesn't like to drive the van, just cause he doesn't do it often, so he's a passenger. You would think as a passenger, he wouldn't be as bothered... Ha! He's more irate than I am. We (he) decide to take a "short cut" thru Frederick... It would have to be faster, right? Ha! To go about 4 miles took almost an hour! Holy freaking brake lights, Batman!

Finally get out of Fredrick and hit the highway again. The guys we're meeting call, they are way ahead of us... so they are gonna wait for us for a bit when they get to Morefield. So we are moving along at breakneck speed... but we aren't going any faster than anyone else. I swear! They call us to tell us that they are there, and are waiting at the McD's near the CVS. we get there about an hour and a half later, and pull into town, and can't find the McD's... Now, lemme explain for those of you who have never been to Morefield. We entered at the sign that said East Morefield, and we drove thru 1 light, and there was a sign that said Morefield, we drove past a Food Lion, a Hardee's, a gas station/convenience store, the 84 lumber all in the span of about 2 miles and were out of the town. We turned around stopped at the store and asked where the McD's was. The woman told us and somehow they had gotten into town about 3/4 of a mile farther up than we were. We got there, and they weren't there, so we went to the store, and bought batteries for the cd player, ice, and tissues... Oh, and I bought a kit kat for dinner... Well for a predinner snack since we were gonna have hot dogs for dinner at camp.

We finally get to the spot, and they are there, and B has had a beer... 1 beer. Remember that, cause it's important. We head across the creek to check to see if there's anyone in our "spot"... of course with all the rain they had, the creek is higher and the rocks are wet and slippery, and I slip off the rock and am 1/2 way up my shin in cold water... Oh well, I just walk across the stream.. doesn't matter, I'm already wet. We get to the camp spot (Please note... this is NOT a campground. We are "back country" camping.) B & I are going to set up the tents while Hubby and N finish bringing the gear... B is too trashed to help... I end up setting up both tents for us. UGH... in the mean time, I'm getting eaten alive by something... (I still have bite marks, and they still itch. I've probably got some little buggy thing growing in my skin! ack!) Finally get the tents up, and then I try to light a fire... every time I get it kinda started, it pours rain. I cover the gear they've brought with the tarps, and huddle under one of them... Hubby gets back with the guys and we cover the rest of the stuff, and head off to the tents giving up on dinner. Ugh.

So, Hubby decides, we have a bottle of wine in the cooler, that we were supposed to drink sitting around the campfire while talking... so he wanders back out in the rain, gets the wine, the bottle open and comes back to the tent. Oops, no glasses. Oh well, we sat in the tent laughing about all our misadventures of the day, listening to the rain beat on the rain fly to the tent drinking Merlot from the bottle, by battery lantern light. Now that's class. We finished the wine, went to bed and I might have slept about 3 hours... kept waking up from the rain, or the fact that I was cold... and it wasn't my bed... oh well, sunrise, and another day....

to be continued...

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