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June 03, 2006

I know I owe you all the rest of the camping story...

But I'm not really up for writing it all... Sorry.

Instead, I'd like to share a little of some of the everyday stuff that goes on here...

Baseball... every Tuesday and Thursday... at 6. If StupidX has the kids for dinner, he takes them there, but since his drop off time is at 7:30, when that time rolls around, he gets up and leaves. He can't stay for another 10 or 15 mins to see the end of the game?! I guess it will eventually sink in that the things he does don't hurt me. They hurt the kids... and in turn, will hurt him. What a jerk.

Today, while Hubby, and Kyle and I were at our Church's Pantry, the girls called to see where we were. We had discussed this the night before. I told Nikki, in as serious a voice that I could muster, that we were headed to the beach, and since they overslept, we left them... Yeah I know it's mean... but she's so gullible. Her response? "bring us back a t-shirt!" then she hung up on me. I was laughing when I called her back and told her where we really were.

Tonight we went to the Avenue to get her phone fixed... they couldn't do it. They said there was nothing wrong with it. The weird Verizon woman keeps saying "Verizon Wireless". She's pretty annoying. Oh well.

My nephew was in the All Star game today. I didn't go. I know I should have, but I had a headache, and it wasn't something I really wanted to do. I feel kinda bad, but not too bad. Does that make me a bad Aunt?

Oh, and something else that happened... Today at the Church pantry, R the coodinator that we were working with commented on how happy I looked. She said that I was glowing and radiant. No, I'm not pregnant, that's not the glow. I guess I really am happy. I have moments of doubt sometimes... like am I really happy? Did I get re-married because I didn't want to be alone or because I love him? (For the record, every time I ask myself that one, the answer is always because I love him.) I do feel happy. I don't let things bother me as much as they used to. I guess I realize it's not worth it, cause life is too short. Anyway... I got to thinking after that... was I so miserable before that everyone noticed it? Was I that unhappy that it was like a neon sign? Why didn't someone say to me before, "Gosh, you look miserable, are you unhappy?" Maybe I could have gotten out before serving my 10 year sentence. (Of course if I would have gotten out any earlier, I wouldn't have the boy, and possibly not the new Hubby that is obviously making me very happy.) I told him that he should feel pretty good about those comments too... he's the reason for the happiness. I like where I am. I like who I have become, and I like where I'm headed. I'd like it more if I could hit the lottery, but I guess I can't have it all. I'll take the happiness anyday.

I promise, I'll do the camping post. Trust me, it will be well worth the wait.

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  • At 11:45 AM, June 05, 2006, Blogger LoisLane said…

    Hugs. I'm getting closer to finding that island to buy for the stupid x's. Now if I could just win the lottery. ;)


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