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May 20, 2006

The big Campout...

Yep. There is camping. In the back yard. This might not seem strange if it weren't for the fact that I live 1 house (yeah you read that right... 1 HOUSE) from the city line. We do not live in a little quiet neighborhood. Rude speaks of his White Trash Neighbors... well that's almost the entire next street over. There was a shooting 2 blocks away a few months back. There was a rape at the little park about 1/2 mile away. Why would any sane parent let her child, and 6 of her friends sleep outside in a neighborhood like this? They have the dog. She is a very protective dog. She will raise a ruckus at the slightest movement in the alley, neighbor's yards or our yard. She will not let anything happen to them. When asked if they wanted the dog to sleep with them, or me, they chose her. Hmm... should I be hurt? Nah... I feel better with her out there. She's never slept outside before. She's only slept outside of her crate a few nights.

Right now, the dog is picking her spot on the warmest sleeping bag, while the girls stand around the yard doing cheers. I'm sure we'll be the talk of the neighborhood for the big tent in the backyard. Oh well... every child should sleep outside in their yard. I did it when I was younger. I hope that they let their kids do it too...

Time to tell them they have to turn the music off... The neighbors might like it a bit quieter. I would too...

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