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May 14, 2006

Hey, pay attention...

There's a little button over there. Says The Breast Cancer Site on it. Click it. When you click it, you can then click again to fund a mammogram for someone. Do it. I'm sure you know a woman. If you do, I'm sure that she has breasts. If she does, she's at risk. Early detection is one step. If can give to a research foundation, DO IT. If you know someone walking in a walk, sponsor them.

If you know someone suffering from this horrid beast, pray for them. Even if you don't know someone, pray anyway. Pray that those that are fighting, remain strong and win. Those have fought and won, stay strong and keep winning, those that haven't had to fight, stay strong and healthy, and lastly, but defininately not least, for those that have fought and lost, that they are now at peace, and know that they are missed.

Kim, for your battle, I pray everyday that you remain strong and win. I will always be one of your pink bubble ladies, even once this battle is won. I love you.

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