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April 26, 2006

You would think that being a chaperone would be easy...

I only had 4 girls... they are all in the 7th grade. We were only going to the zoo. It was pretty easy... I mean I didn't have to make sure they didn't wander off, I didn't have to make sure they didn't try to get into any of the cages with the animals. I only had to keep them from flirting with the boys in their class.

It was kinda funny to see how I started out as "Miss Karen", and by lunch I was "Mommy" to all the girls in my group. My friends all used to call my mom, "Mom".

I made sure that they all did the paper they were supposed to do for Science class... they are learning about how animals adapt. We of course had to see the otters. But we only saw one... and he/she was waaaaayyyyy over there on top of the little log den thingy. Nikki's friend M wanted to see the bats, so we saw those... cool. K wanted to see the giraffes. Got some pretty good pictures of them. B wanted to see the polar bears so we went there too... one was playing in the pool and the other was just lumbering around. They were kind of "talking" to each other. The one in the pool would swim to the edge, and talk to the one on the rocks, and the one on the rocks would lean way in, and talk to the other one. It was like the one kept saying "Come on, you know you wanna get in and swim" and the other would lean in and say "I don't know... it really looks cold", except that I would guess they like cold water, since they are polar bears... Maybe the water was too warm? Nikki wanted to see the chimps. They had a baby recently, and when we got there, there was a sign that said the baby was not on display, but it was. The mommy had the baby in the corner and was sitting with it on her lap and they were both in a bucket... They were soooo cute! I really like the zoo. I would love to get season passes... I might have to talk to Hubby about that.

Since it's such a beautiful spring day, I took an allergy pill before leaving, and was sneeze free all day... But, on the way home, the pill wore off, and I ended up with a killer sinus headache. I came home and took 3 ibuprofen and laid down for a little... I feel better now, thanks. :)

Oh, and it's not a good thing to be "resting your eyes" on the bus, and get a text message from a "concerned friend"... you know who you are, and have your phone in your lap and on vibrate... I jumped about a foot. LOL!

So, that was my day... now my evening will be filled with shopping... Kay needs a notebook, Nikki needs a bday gift for a friend, Hubby needs more rubber gloves... don't ask. I think I'll hit Wally World for all of the above, and see if they have geraniums in yet. Still need something for my pots on the front steps.

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  • At 9:32 AM, April 27, 2006, Blogger LoisLane said…

    Chimps in a bucket sounds too cute.
    Curious about the gloves, but I won't go there.
    and hey - better to have concerned friends than no friends right? ;)

  • At 12:53 PM, April 27, 2006, Blogger Queen Bee said…

    Hey, we were worried about you! A day without Karen? Can't be done!!

    Glad you had fun. And I don't want to know about the gloves ;)


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