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May 07, 2006

Another year older...

So... you know you're old when...

Your spouse wants to take you on an easy hike... an "easy" 10 mile hike that really ends up being 12 miles and it takes you 4 days to recover enough to walk right.

Your "baby" keeps asking when she can take driver's ed, since she's already 16... sheesh, she's never gonna drive at this rate. (Precisely! That's my plan... )

You go out to dinner with your spouse, and when you get home at 9:45, you're ready for bed.

Someone jokes and asks what anniversary of your 20th birthday this is, and you realize, that the anniversaries outnumber that one.

Your kid's friends ask how old you are, and when you tell them, they get this look, like they are looking at a rare museum piece. Ha! I wish I was that well preserved.

Happy Birthday to me! Celebrating the 21st anniversary of my 20th birthday... ;)

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