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May 23, 2006

You know he's all boy when it requires a trip to the ER...

Went to mom's to pick up Kyle and Nikki... He was riding my nephew's bike, and I told him it was time to go, and to put it away. He headed around the corner, and was taking a long time. I hollered over to him, asking if he had put it away... not even 2 minutes later, I hear a scream and he comes around the corner with his hand on his chin. While putting the bike away, it flipped up or something, I'm not real sure about that part, and the handle bar (with out the little rubber hand grips on it) hit him on the chin. Laid open a gash about 1/2 in long on his chin. Cleaned him up, calmed him down, and off we went. He wanted Doug to go with us, and then said he wanted X to go too... so I called everyone, and X and wifeypoop met us there. (Ky was not happy that she came along. LOL!) We sat and waited for about 20 mins at the ER and then went back and they looked at him and said "Yep, he's gonna need a couple stitches."... When they called us back, I looked at Hubby, and he said, they aren't going to let everyone back there, and I think he needs you more than me, so I'll just wait here. StupidX says something similar to that to Wifeypoop, but does she care? Nope... he just marches her lard butt on back. The nurse told us that there could only be 2 adults with Kyle, so someone had to leave. She had the nerve to look at me, like I should offer to leave. Um, hello, I gave birth to him, I have no idea why you are even here, since Kyle didn't want you to come, and you don't need to act like you are all concerned... Please. So, finally wifeypoop leaves the exam room, and I'm trying to not say anything to StupidX for just once again confirming why he's the StupidX... ugh.

Well, they gave us the medicine to put on the cut to numb it, and we had to put it in the cut with a q-tip. Not a nice thing to have to do to your baby. At one point, I had to stop and tell StupidX to do it, cause I thought I was gonna pass out. The PA came in then and she gave him 3 stitches. He was such a trooper! He never cried, or winced or anything the whole time. Once we had gotten him cleaned up at home, he had stopped crying, and didn't make any sounds after that. He did a great job!

He is very proud of his stitches. He made me wait until this morning to change the bandaid so he could show my nephew. He wants to keep the bandaid off so that he can show all his friends. I think we're gonna keep the bandaid on until it's time to take them out. 4-5 days... Then he will have yet another battle scar.

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