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June 14, 2006

And you sat the family with 18 kids in the next booth, WHY?!

So, on Saturday, we didn't know what to have for dinner... and I didn't want take out Indian, again. I had been seeing those commercials for stuffed french toast at IHOP, and that banana one looked really yummy, so I batted my eyes at Hubby, and off we went, with the oldest in tow. She was the only one home at the time, since the other 2 were at StupidX's for the weekend. We had to stand and wait while she got ready... you know, makeup, pluck the eyebrows, put on the cute jeans. 'Cause you never know who might be at IHOP on a Saturday evening at 7:00 pm.

We finally get there, and our hostess is also our waitress, and we swear, she's gotta be going thru puberty cause she looks like a teenaged boy. I know that's mean, but really... Anyway... she shows us to the table, and we sit there for a few mins and then we have to flag her down for menus. Then she comes back to get our drink orders and I ask about the banana french toast, and we place our orders...

Now, I'm sure you've all seen an IHOP, been by an IHOP or maybe even eaten in one. You know that they are not small. So there are about 40 tables in here... and at least 2 waitresses, and I see people sitting in the other "middle" section, and we're by the windows. We are the only ones by the windows. The "middle" section only has people at like 3 of the booths and they are spread out so they aren't all sitting in the very next to booth, if you know what I mean. So, the hostess/waitress chick, brings this couple back to seat them, and they are 2 booths behind me. Not a big deal. Then in comes this family... now I have nothing against families, I came from one, I have one, I know lots of them. This family has 3 kids... all under the age of about 3 it looked like... sounded like it too. The hostess/waitress chick seats them in the booth between us and the other couple. Um... what, the other 32 tables aren't good enough? Ok, so the family sits down, and I hear music... Daddy answers his cell phone... Mommy is trying to keep the kids to a low roar... then, wait, there's more music... Mommy answers her cell phone! Now there is no one to keep the kids quiet, and they are fighting 'cause there's only one "geen clayron". Umm... hello, you are in a restaurant, with screaming, fighting kids... hang up and pay attention! Good thing we were just about done, cause boy did we get out fast!

I think next time we go, we want a table in the middle of no where, maybe then we could not have people around us as easily... or maybe we just won't go back. Rats, those banana french toasts were really yummy too! I mean I could have eaten 2 servings, yummy... Ok, so next time, we'll go but just ask to not sit near anyone else... LOL!

Ok, so it wasn't 18 kids, but they sure sounded like it!

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  • At 4:28 PM, June 14, 2006, Blogger Queen Bee said…

    No reason at all to seat people that close together when it isn't matter how many kids they have! I don't like going to restaurants because I don't want to inflict my four on anyone ;)

  • At 6:56 PM, June 14, 2006, Blogger LoisLane said…

    Well, that's the last time we sit next to you at IHOP. ;)

  • At 8:38 PM, June 14, 2006, Blogger Heather said…

    Isnt that always the way... By the way... I love those Stuffed French toast. SOOO NUMS!


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