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July 26, 2006

My little mini escape...

Long weekends are the best weekends.

This past weekend we all went to visit Traci. We had a blast. There was cow milking, sight seeing, game playing, and even a little drinking. (No, I did not need to be helped to bed... )

Kyle has decided that he wants a cow, a 4-wheeler and a 4-wheeler track all in our back yard. Um... No. Sorry. We live 1 house from the city line. The neighborhood association didn't like us having patio furniture on our patio, I really don't think they will like us having a cow in the back yard.

Let me summarize our trip...
Friday went to the Ironbirds game, Kyle got to escort the 1st baseman out onto the field. He was so cute! He got autographs off all the players. We stayed until about the 5th inning or so, and then left to head to Allentown. We were on the road about 45 mins when the heavens opened and it poured. A lot. Hard. It rained all night, and all day on Saturday. We got to Traci's and it was wet, and icky. We kinda hung out there for a while then headed up to see the cows. Kyle was determined to milk all the cows. He only milked one. The calves are adorable, and the kids had a blast playing in the hay.

Sunday, we headed to Cooperstown Fun Park and raced go carts. Then we went to a local brewery... Ommegang. Took a tour, and a tasting. It was fun. After that, we headed to Cooperstown. Home of the Baseball Hall of Fame. We wandered thru the shops, got some fudge, and saw Doubleday Field. It was fun to watch part of a game in an old timey park.

We headed home and then went to the White Trash Redneck Auction. I bought some stuff. I was bit by the auction bug. I got a box of books, and a "mixed lot"... lots of junk basically, but there was a PS2 controller that caught my eye. It was fun. We laughed, at people and at ourselves for the goofy stuff we bid on.

We headed back home for the night, and had a couple drinks (chocolate cake shots... very similar to the Pancake shooter except we mix it with an equal part citrus vodka... yummy!)

Monday, Kay and Traci headed to work, and we headed out sightseeing... we drove a ways to get to get to Fort Ticonderoga. It was really neat... We got there in time for a reading of the Declaration of Independence. Wandered the museum, and took lots of pictures. We drove back by Lake George, it was HUGE! Got back to Traci's and had dinner and then wandered up to hang with the cows... We saw them in their "natural habitat"... LOL!

After that, it was bed time.

Yesterday, we piled all our stuff in and headed home. It's always nice to get away, but it's always nice to come back home. While headed home, StupidX called, said that he and Wifeypoop were taking a couple days to go to OC, MD. The younger 2 went with them. (Kay imed me to tell me that he had Nikki tears about how she never wants to spend time with him, just with me. Can you blame her?)

Anyway... That was our whirlwind weekend. It was great to see Traci, Mark and the kids. To hang out and goof off. Can't wait for the BBQ to get my kid back... I already miss her. but it's still early in the 2 weeks. ;)

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