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May 29, 2007

Living like a rockstar...

Ok, maybe an aging out of the spot light rockstar? Yeah, who am I kidding... I'm living like a rock.

We went away this weekend, headed to the great up north... ok, maybe not that far north, but there were state lines crossed.

We left our home here in MD to go visiting in PA... We visited with a great friend... then we visited a park and looked at some boulders... While were at the park there was a bear that was being tormented by some park rangers and was just hanging out in a huge pine tree... Sheesh, he only wanted to share the picnic those people were having.

That night we went to dinner... let me tell you, this was the best steak I have had in a long time...

Then we headed off for some sleep at our little hotel... Yeah, that free HBO... we couldn't find it. We were lucky the tv worked! I will say though, the staff was the best! We were greeted by name every time we walked through the lobby, and while they might not have been the most up to date with the times, they did have wireless (all we needed was a laptop), and the rooms were clean, what more could you ask for?

Sunday we headed out to go on an adventure... boy was it ever... We met a really nice couple from New Jersey, and while we had said after our last experience that we would never raft with anyone from NJ, they were great! Bruce was funny, and really nice. His wife Deb was a riot! We laughed so hard, my face was sore! We really had a good time.

That evening, after showering and wanting to die from exhaustion, we went to get something to eat... OMG. The Emerald Restaurant was the best. I highly recommend this place. Of course it's really hard when you're sitting there, not to sing along to the music they had playing... they were making Hubby groan, but I was loving it! They played Seasons in the Sun, Kung Fu Fighting, and some others from the mid to late 70's...

Monday, on the drive home we headed to some wineries on the way... came home with 6 bottles from each place... Nothing beats a good glass of wine in the summer while sitting on the porch.

I think that's it for now... I'm off to take some more ibuprofen for my stiff muscles...

Hope everyone's weekend was as fun as mine!

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