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May 14, 2007

Busy Mother's day weekend...

But they always are...

The girls had their dance recital on Saturday, and they did great! But then again, perhaps my opinion is a bit biased... Nikki has come a long way in her Pointe class. She actually got up on her toes! I was very proud.

The other big event this weekend was Prom.... Kay's Junior Prom. My baby went to her Junior Prom. I cried.

Please... Look at the pictures, and then tell me that you wouldn't have cried if she was your daughter...

Funny story... while we were in the front yard doing the pictures, the neighbor from across the street came over... She told a story of her Junior prom... and how 9 months later one of her friends had a baby. She then very seriously looks at Kay's date and says "I'll kill you... ". I thought we would die from laughing... He wasn't sure if she was kidding or not...

Kay had a great time, and she looked gorgeous.

Oh, and as for Mother's day, I got to take a nice long nap... what else could be wished for?

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