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May 09, 2007

I don't like to post too much about my Stupid X...

But this one is worth the time and effort...

Let me give you some background. The girls take dance lessons. They have taken dance lessons for a total of 14 years. (this is the 14th year for Kay) Every year their recital is Mother's day weekend. Every year. They have changed the location a couple times, but NEVER the date.

This year, StupidX "forgot" when it was and planned a vacation. His mom went off on him. A couple weeks after telling everyone that he would miss the dance recital, he said that he cancelled the vacation because they were going to have thier bathroom redone. Whatever.

So, the last time he picked the kids up was on his weekend. That was 2 weekends ago. He hasn't seen them since then. Monday, Nikki called him to see what days he was going to pick them up this week. He's not. He's out of town. In TN. On VACATION!!!!

He will be home on Friday, he will see the recital on Saturday, but then is leaving immediately after the recital to go to some concert.

His mom called me yesterday to wish me a happy birthday (that was a shock!) and she was telling me about him being away, and I commented that he hadn't seen the kids for almost 2 whole weeks.

He called the girls last night to say hi and see how they were doing.... Coincidence? I think not. His mom might have her flaws, but she loves her grandchildren. And I think that she is as disgusted as I am at the way he acts as though his kids don't matter to him... maybe it's not an act.

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