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March 29, 2007

It's the creepy drag... no, that's not a new dance step...

So, you know how there are days that just seem to drag on and on, and then you realize, that it's gotten late and you didn't realize that the day has sped up and you have a ton of stuff to do and not enough time to do it? That's me this week.

All week the workdays have been just dragging by, and then I look up and it's 4:00 and I haven't gotten anything accomplished. Monday was like that... I got to work, and then before I knew it, I had to leave to get Kyle for Curriculum Night at school. We had fun... we visited his class room where they had done this really neat project that spanned several areas. They did geography, art, writing... they did a thing about what nationality the kids were. We are of German, Hungarian, and heaven only knows what else... Well, I didn't want to do the German line, since there were so many others... so we went with Sweden. No, I'm not making this up... I'm related to this guy on my dad's side. The kids did research and wrote a report on their country, and wrote letters to the Embassy (though the Swedish embassy is lame and didn't send anything back... the losers), created an art object that represents something from their country. They worked hard on these, and it showed. After the classroom visit, we headed to the gym for a lesson in juggling, and then off to the cafeteria for pizza. I then went home and got the boy in bed, then played a game with Hubby, and then headed to bed.

Tuesday was just as crazy... Cub Scout pack meeting/spring party. Had to rush home, eat dinner change my clothes, then run to the store for cupcakes, cookies and cheese curls. Headed to scouts and had my nerves frazzled... After scouts we stopped off to pick up a Stop sign. Yes, a real stop sign. Ky wants to decorate his room with a car/truck theme and so I'm on the hunt for street/traffic signs. So far we have a Stop sign, Hubby's old Virginia license plates, and a couple hub caps. When we got home, I tried to download the pictures off the camera, but couldn't because the software we're using sucks... or something. Anyone got any suggestions on what I can use to suck them off the card? It's very annoying... I have lots of pictures to show but can't get them off the stupid card.

Yesterday, same story... way too much to do and not enough time to do it. My friend's mom passed away on Sunday, and her viewing was last night, so we went there for a little while. I hate funeral homes, and funerals.... I had never met her mom, but she is a good friend (even if I have only known her since the beginning of school...) so I felt I had to go. Her step daughter is Nikki's best friend, and a very sweet girl who has had a rough time... anyway... I got home after that, and watched a couple episodes of Knitty Gritty... one on spinning and one on dyeing... they were pretty interesting... Then Hubby came out and played the game and I told him what to do from the sofa.

Then there's today... Hubby is home, and I'm at work, and the day is creeping, though I have plenty to do, and I've been pretty busy, so I'm not sure why it's not going faster... of course typing this up has killed a chunk of time...

Hope everyone else's week hasn't been as creepy as mine...

Oh, almost forgot... StupidX has once again proven to me that he needs to grow a pair... but that's a completely different post... maybe one day...


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  • At 6:53 PM, March 29, 2007, Blogger Michele said…

    Goodness Karen, I wish you had told me you were doing Sweden, DH just got back from there last summer. His Grandma and Grandpa immigrated from there. We have tons of Swedish stuff.

    Sorry your week was creepy!


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