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August 21, 2007

even if you have never met me...

or heard of me or my dear friend, please pray for her...

I got this message from my friend, Kim...

"Basically there is progression EVERYWHERE.

Dr. M. was pretty somber today. I've seen it before but not like this. Scared the shit out of me. He started telling us about the scans and not only did new spots appear, old spots grew.

Anthony and I asked him for a copy of the report and he said yes, take it for your records but you really don't want to read it. We haven't. We are just looking at it like its everywhere again why do we need to know exactly where.

So new treatment today, which we knew was going to happen but we were hoping only because of the skin spots was he going to change. Funny nothing on the report mentions the skin spots. He is going to watch them and see what the chemo does for them.I just can't understand how things looked so great and positive in May can take such a drastic change 3 months later.

Unfortunately it just shows how aggressive and almost chemo resistant this is. I just don't know how many more chemos there are out there for me and how much more my body can take.My platelets were too low to get one of the chemos. The treatment will be every other week. There is no limit on how many treatments I can get.

So lets hope and pray this knocks some (all) of it and I can stay on it. Something just has to start working."

Please say a prayer for her... for her husband, and her beautiful children. This disease angers me. Why after all the millions of dollars for research are there no cures? Why is she still having to fight this? Why isn't there something else that can be done? Is there some alternative thing that she could do to maybe help? It's so frustrating... and I'm not the one with cancer.

Kim, I love you. If you need anything, you know where and how to find me. You truly are an inspiration to me. I don't know if I could be that strong. HUGS!

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  • At 8:41 AM, August 22, 2007, Blogger Kimberly said…

    You know I believe in the power of prayers. Today is a new day. Today is fight mode again. Yesterday is the past. :)

    love you all too.


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