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December 18, 2006

All this talk about presents...

I totally love this... You answer a couple questions, tell them about the person you are shopping for, what they like, things they already own, and they give you a list of things that they might like for a gift... pretty cool. I see why they call it the Wow Finder... made me say Wow when I got the results back. It was very comprehensive, and with that info, you could shop around for price or convenience to where you live. Plus, I was just having fun doing it for me... so now I know what to put on my list for next year. LOL! Go, play! It really is neat. Wonder if they'll leave that up after the holidays... might make birthday shopping a little easier too.

If I had known about this earlier, I wouldn't have gotten Hubby that sweater... ;)

Speaking of shopping and presents, I think I'm almost done. I just need to finish up the stocking stuffers, get one more thing for Nikki, and then, I will be done. I must be done. As it is, I'm not sure where I'll fit everything!

How about you? There's only a week left... are you done?

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