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January 14, 2007

We sure do clean up right good...

Last night was DH's company Winter Gala... Every year we talk about going, but then we never do... Last year, I bought the dress, we got the tickets, it snowed. This year, I wore the dress, it was 50 degrees and we had a good time.

I made Kay take a picture, cause we don't get dressed up much... LOL! I think we look pretty good... ;)


Oh.. and those are NOT Dh's ears! We have a large Crystal Trifle bowl that his sister gave me for Christmas one year, and it sits on our mantel, cause I have no place to put it... and he was perfectly centered in front of it... Looks like he has big ole pointy ears. ROFL!!!

And on an unrelated note... little bit of excitement before the evening really got going. Hubby was steaming his suit pants to get rid of some wrinkles.... It got pretty steamy in the bathroom... I opened the door to talk to him about something, let the steam out, and our fire alarm sensed the heat, and went off... Lovely. Yeah, you think, "No biggie, it will stop, no harm done." That would be the case if it weren't for the fact that our fire alarm is hooked up to the burglar alarm. Yep... the alarm company called, asked if everything was ok. I assured them it was, and asked them to PLEASE not send the fire dept. That would have been interesting... NOT!

Other than that little added excitement, it was a great evening... We were the best dressed people on the DC Metro last night... at least on the trains we were on.


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