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January 11, 2007

Couple things...

1... I keep hearing about this DeLurking Week thing... and now it's almost over! Post! Tell me you're there... I'm here!

2... You know how sometimes you think that you want to help out a charity or an organization and don't think that the little bit you can do will make a difference? Well in the last couple days I've seen that proven wrong. The first one was over at Yarn Harlot, where she did a thing for Knitters without Borders. The turn out was INCREDIBLE! Over a quarter of a million dollars... wow... Then there was Beth. She wanted to do something for children, since she sees how incredibly lucky she is to have such an adorable healthy child. She too felt like I do sometimes, that her little bit won't make a difference. But when you add her little bit to my little bit to your little bit, it grows. I'm not saying you have to do anything, but hey, if it's making a card and mailing it to a child in the hospital, why not? How much time would that take, and think of the reaction that the card would get. It's all good.

Ok, so it's 3 things, guess that makes it a few... I didn't do a New Year's Resolution post, because, well... I don't make them. Why put that pressure on yourself? If you want to make a change in yourself. Start when ever you want. Take it all one day at a time. It will all get the same result, and you won't have all that Resolution crud hanging over you. Try it!

That's it for now, don't forget to come out of lurkdom, and comment. If you've got a blog, link to it, I love reading them... if you don't don't worry, I still love you all!

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