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January 30, 2007

Dirty... disgusting... filthy... lice-ridden boids... *

So, yesterday, I get this call at work. Kay is home from school and there's something making noise in the fireplace. She thinks there's a bird in there.

My solution? It found it's way down, it can turn around and head back up. (Note to self... stop at the store and get one of those thingies for the chimney.) In the meantime, don't tell Hubby... he won't know how to catch the bird, and I really don't want a mess or a bird in the house.

So, with all the stuff going on last night, I forgot about the bird, until Kay reminded me. I go over with a flashlight... I don't see anything. I don't hear anything. I open the doors, still nothing.

Let me add something here that is kind of important... I love animals. I don't want to hurt or see any get hurt. I also love me some good Hitchcock. I had nightmares about The Birds for weeks...

Ok, so since I'm not seeing any birds or hearing any birds, I close the doors, and go do my running and then hit the bed.

This morning, Kay comes to tell me that she "hears that fluttery noise" in the fireplace again. Yep, I hear it this time too, but can't see the bird. I get a towel, and try to find it to catch it and let it go outside. I open the doors, and there are 2 birds in there... Ugh... why do they always have to bring along a friend... or was this a date? You know the boy bird tells the girl about this nice warm place they go to be alone...

After much mayhem, the first bird finally gets the idea that it will NOT be staying in my house and flies out the front door.

Now, on to bird #2... this one is much smarter... well as smart as a Starling can be. It flies a couple circles around the living room, but the crazy lady waving the towel freaks it out, and it heads out the front door, too.

Let me remind you, dear readers, that I have several animals that belong in my house... 2 cats and a dog are the main ones... so while all this going on, and there is yelling and excitement from the people in the house, the dog is barking and yelping because she is in her crate and really, Really wants out so she can help, and one of the cats is looking at it like an opportunity to a gourmet meal.

Meanwhile, Kyle is in my bedroom sleeping through it all... I wish I could have.

*The Producers (1968 version)

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  • At 7:20 PM, February 01, 2007, Blogger Queen Bee said…

    Sounds like another fun time at Karen's house! *LOL*

    Btw, your kids are older now, you might want to update your header comment thingamajig!

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