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January 17, 2007

Well, can you see the difference?

Did you notice?

No? Well I'm hoping that I can... I upgraded to the "new" blogger... Hope that now posting won't be such a pain in the... well, where ever it's a pain, cause lately? It's been sucky.

I would try to post, and it would take forever. I would make template edits (Like adding Beth's button over there... --->) and it took 20 minutes to republish it. UGH!

Now, hopefully it's all better. I wonder if this will improve my posting time on other's blogs? That comment thing was painful too.

Oh well, since you can't tell the difference, besides these nifty new tags I can give the posts, then I hope you stay and feel at home... and talk back to me! My kids do it all the time... ;)


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