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January 23, 2007

But will he fly around the room uncontrollably?

Ok, I never claimed to be "normal" or to have "normal" kids... we are kinda crazy, and often goofy.

It's not uncommon in our house to end up in a fit of giggles at the dinner table. Or a belching contest. Yeah, we're mature too.

Anyway, here's our latest insanity installation...

Ky: Hey, mom, look at all the stickers I put on my chest. They're my tattoos.
Me: You know, that's gonna probably hurt when you pull them off...
Ky: Nuh-uh, watch (he grips the edge of one of the larger stickers and pulls... ) Look, it was on my pimple.
Me: Nipple. That's your nipple.
Ky: Oh.
Kay (sitting across the dining room table from Ky): Why's his belly button like that? It's an outie... kind of. It looks like it wants to be an innie but can't.
Ky (looks down at his belly button): What does your's look like?

This then turns into an examination/comparison of everyone's belly button. His is the only one like that...

Me: You know what belly buttons are for, right?
Ky: No. What?
Me: Well you know how when you blow up a balloon and tie a knot in it to keep the air in? Well your belly button is your knot to keep your innerds in.
Ky: (Look of disbelief...)
Kay (not one to miss an opportunity to jump in on anything... ) Yeah, see? We tuck our knots in so they don't come untied.
Ky: What will happen if it comes untied?
Me: All your guts will squirt out the hole. Please be careful. It's really hard to get them back in through that little hole.
Ky: (Staring intently at his belly button...) ALL my guts?
Kay: Yep. And trust me, it isn't pretty.

He then spent the next several minutes trying to "tuck in" his belly button.

Yeah, kids. A constant source of entertainment.

Think I should tell him we were only joking?

(See... told you I was a mean mom.)


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