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October 23, 2006

It was certainly a weekend...

Saturday was the RFTC. Kyle went, was "freezing" and wanted to come home, but like any mean mom, I made him stay. He walked the 5k with me, and had fun. As soon as I can, I'll post the pictures so you can see our great time. It was so nice to see all the support there. I was very inspired by the number of survivors. I'm much more confident now that Kim will really beat this. There seemed to be an echo of "Never give up" everywhere you turned. I know that Kim says that too!

After that was done, and we were back home, the kids and I were on our own for dinner since Hubby was hiking with one of the guys from work. They convinced me (didn't take much actually, since I had no idea what I felt like making) to go to Taco Bell. I'm not a huge fan of the Bell, but it'll do if I don't have to cook it. So, I didn't feel like putting on my shoes, I grabbed Hubby's slippers and jumped in the mini van. We pull up at the drive through window, and are greeted with a very chipper girl telling us that the register is down for the drive thru, and they would be happy to take our order inside. Ok... So, we pull around the building, park and Kay and I get out. For the most part, my kids are not embarassed to be seen with me. However, put on a pair of slippers, and all bets are off. So, we're in the Bell, and she won't stand next to me. LOL! Poor kid. Good thing the place wasn't really busy.

Sunday we did some running around, got some poster board for Nikki's project on Bolivia at the Dollar store. While there, Kyle spotted some stuff for a knight costume. There was a helmet, a chest plate, a sheild, some arm thingys and an axe. I have to get him a pair of black pants and a black tunic kind of shirt. I think I'm going to get him a black turtle neck that's a little long. We went to get some furniture from my aunt who is moving... we got a bunk bed for Kyle, a new microwave cart, a mirror that I'm hoping will fit over the mantle, and some other odds and ends. Oh... yeah, and a new dining room table and chairs.

I'm a little sore and stiff from all the activities, but it was a great weekend. Just wish it was longer so I could have a day to do absolutely nothing. Maybe next weekend... I doubt it though.

How was your weekend?

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