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October 04, 2006

Time flies when you're having fun...

At least I think that's what I'm having!

My sweet baby boy is 7 today. Seven. How did that happen? I remember peeing on the stick like it was yesterday. I had such mixed emotions about being pregnant. I am embarrassed to say that the first thought I had was that I didn't want to be pregnant. I cried. I was in shock.

Today, I'm very glad that I have him. He makes me laugh. He sometimes makes me angry. But he makes me laugh more. This morning, I went in and woke him for school, and he said to me, "Mom, there's a new rule, if it's your birthday, you get to stay in bed." I just cracked up. Today my little baby is 7. I don't know what I would do with out him. Does he have to grow up? Can't I keep him just the way he is now? I'm worried that when he grows up, I'll stop getting the snuggles, and the giggle fits and the hugs and kisses good-night.

After having 2 girls, and then the boy, this has been so different. There is no comparison between the 2. He is totally boy. Sports, creepy things, and cars and trucks. Boy scouts and skateboards. Treasure hunts and tumbles. Seven... He's Seven.

I often look at him and remember him as this tiny little helpless thing. Dependant on me for everything. Now, when I try to help, it's often met with, "I know how, mom. I'm not a baby." He doesn't see, he'll always be my baby. I know I have to let him do it himself. I know I have to let him stumble and make mistakes. I also know that I'll be here if he needs my help. No matter how old he gets. But today? yeah, he's 7.

I'm always amazed at how much he's changed and grown. Everyday there are still new accomplishments, and discoveries. Every day he is "er"... Smarter, funnier, taller, sillier, and maturer... (yeah, that last one is a stretch, huh?). Every day he is better. A better person, a better son. Because he's growing and learning. Because he is Kyle. While I want to keep him my baby, I also can't wait to see what he will become. What he will grow into. How proud he will make me. How happy I will be.

Happy Birthday, Lou. We all love you.

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