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September 14, 2006

Rain, Rain, go away...

Come again some other day... Just not here!

It's kinda dreary. And while I sit here at work, I'm not motivated. Can you tell? So while it's dreary, and I'm not motivated, I figured I would just dump some stuff...

My brother is still a deadbeat. He's onto something like job #8 in a little over a year. He has no money. Just finally got his own real place to live. On the upside, he is slowly taking the stuff out of my basement. Then we can move really finishing the basement off up the list.

PTA meetings are boring. Don't get me wrong, they have some good information to give, but for the most part, boring. And shouldn't there be some rule that the same woman can't be PTA president for every school your kids are in? I can't get away from this woman.

Do you remember that Disney movie Balto? At least I think it was Disney... anyway, Kay was at a friend's house and they were watching some show about Alaska, and they talked about Balto... she never knew that Balto was real.

Nikki's school had Back to School night last night. Hubby went in his work clothes. She was embarrassed. I was very confused by this. He works as a Systems Analyst for a Federal government agency. It's not like he's an auto mechanic and went in grease covered overalls. She said he was "too dressed up". I suggested that next time he could dress like her father, and wear a wrinkled up shirt, that doesn't cover the fat gut, and a pair of ugly ultra baggy sweatpants. Since StupidX thinks that is proper church attire, it would be just right for Back to School night, right?

Tonight is the High School back to school night. I'm curious to meet her teachers. I always like to go there, it's the same School I went to, and surprisingly, some of the teachers that I had, are still there.

Oh, and big plans for the weekend. We are doing a battlefield tour for the anniversary of the Bloodiest Day in the Civil War. Yep... we're headed to Antietam. Oh joy.

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  • At 4:29 PM, September 15, 2006, Blogger Heather said…

    LOL Ok... so with the clothes and dad thing you can't win... if he would have come like StupidX she would have been mortified... and if he would have come in normal jeans and a t-shirt she might have been as well.. so there is no winning... I remember THAT phase... I just never wanted my parents to show up! LOLOL


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