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September 08, 2006

Do you remember that guy...

You know, the one on that show... The guy that used to pop his head out and say "Interesting. Very Interesting."? Now do you remember? I thought you might.

That's how I see my weekend going. We are leaving tonight to go camping with the scouts. It's family camping. I told my older 2, we are going camping. As a family. All of us. Together. I'm sure you heard the world coming to an end. Ok, to a 16 yo, what is a fate worse then death? Being made to spend a weekend with your family. If there were a fate worse than the fate worse than death, it would be spending that weekend with your family with no escape to the TV. No room to go sulk in. No where to hide. We did agree that she could bring a friend along. So, now I'll have 2 16 yo girls that "Don't do nature" in misery. Hey, it loves company, so why not? (I will admit, I almost peed my pants when H asked if she could bring her hair straightner. Um... last I checked, our tent didn't have any electrical outlets.)

The other daughter asked a friend to come along, and she said she was going to be there, then yesterday at school, told her that she didn't want to go. Said something about her mom was going somewhere and she wanted to do that instead. I felt sorry for her. Her sister did say that she could hang out with her. That was nice. We'll see how long it lasts.

Kyle got a new fishing pole. He's pretty anxious to use it. There's a lake and trails and such... Supposed to be some nesting eagles on an island in the middle of the lake. I'm looking forward to being there. I know it will be busy and crazy, and lots of running about, but it should be fun.

If not fun... interesting at the least.

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